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Wed Apr 18, 6:30 pm
Mabel Lake Hall

The Agenda for this meeting has not been assembled yet, but a few topics are known now.

Sun Dec 3, 3:30 pm
Mabel Lake Hall
wreath3:30 Setup
4:30 Carol Singing & Hand Made Gift Display & Sale
5:00 Turkey and potluck dinner

What an absolutely wonderful event we had! 98 people at last count, or was it 100? Delicious food, Terri makes the tastiest turkey (2 of them, thanks to a big discount from Sheardown's!) and gravy, and as usual desserts were to die for.

Live Christmas music and conversation rounded up this delightful event. Thanks to all who showed up and especially to all who organized, decorated, played music and cooked!

Sat Oct 7, 3:00 pm
for Venue see event description
The Middle Shuswap River gets its Shores Tidied

On Saturday, October 7 Charles Ruechel of Elements Adventure again lead his yearly cleanup paddle of the Shuswap River. Six canoes with 13 occupants (including 2 children) paddled the river while picking up trash, arriving end of day at the BC Hydro Recreation Park on Mabel Lake Rd just past the bridge.

Sat Aug 26, 5:00 pm
Mabel Lake Hall

Jada, Geoff, kids & bubblesThe food was great and the performances wowed the crowd at the Mabel Lake Club's 100 mile Potluck and Talent Show!

This is the second year that the club holds this event and judging by its success, it won't be its last.

Dishes made with local ingredients were varied and a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. They ranged from home grown vegetables, beef and pork, to home made goat cheese, sourdough bread and scrumptious fruit desserts.