Stump Rancher 2017#01

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Newsletter from the Mabel Lake Community Club
January-February 2017 — Issue 2017.1





Did You Know That...

  • You can rent the hall with all its amenities:
    The Mabel Lake Hall is there for the community. Anyone can rent it for celebrations of all sorts, whether for an afternoon, a weekend or longer.
  • Events are put on for YOU! WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!
    The board of the Community Club runs events we think will bring the community together.

    Below are the events offered over the last year. Some were well attended, others not.

    • Cabin Fever Dance (February)
    • Spring Clean up (April)
    • Burger Fridays (summer)
    • Hundred Mile Dinner and Music Evening (summer)
    • Fall Fair (September)
    • Sports
    • Board games
    • Yoga
    • Turkey Bingo
    • Halloween Dance (October)
    • Christmas Dinner (December)

We need your feedback. Are there recreational or cultural events you'd like to see happen? Let us hear from you either at the AGM, or via the website, email or phone.

  • Annual General Meeting Wednesday March 15

  • St Patrick's Dance Saturday, March 18

  • HALL COORDINATOR Director Needed:
    We are looking for an administrator for hall rentals. Training and lots of help provided in transition.
    All you need is a few free hours/month to be part of this dynamic board.
    Not sure? Call or email us for more info.
  • Enter MLCC's Logo Design Contest - $100 Prize for the Winner!
    MLCC invites local artists of any age to design a logo for our club. The MLCC logo will be used for the new hall sign, letterhead, website and advertising purposes. The winning logo will become sole property of the Mabel Lake Community Club and Recreation Commission, who will reserve the right to make minor changes to suit its various uses.

The logo should capture the essence of the people, environment, history and community of the Mabel Lake Valley.

The community is designated within the constitution as: south of Mabel Lake Provincial Park to Rawlings Lake Rd/Mabel Lake Rd junction. However the MLCC Board of Directors would like to open the contest to allow for entries from those residing in areas with postal codes V0E and ending in 2G6, 2G5 and 2G4.

The purpose of the Mabel Lake Community Club as outlined by our constitution is to plan, promote and supervise community recreation and cultural activities.

Submitting your Logo:

  • Original art only – no clip art please
  • Size upper limit of 8" x 10", and should be scalable to any size without losing quality
  • Please limit number of colours to four
  • Colours must be distinguishable from each other when rendered in grey-scale
  • Must contain the letters MLCC
  • The text 'Mabel Lake Community Club & Recreation Commission' does not need to be included in the logo but must be included with the submission, as it will be used from time to time.
  • Digital logos can be submitted via in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, or logos on paper can be mailed to Village Art Gallery - 1975 Vernon Street, Lumby, V0E 2G0
  • Deadline for submissions is midnight, Tuesday, March 1st.

Judging the Logo:

The MLCC has enlisted 3 judges from the Lumby area. They are;

  • MLCC Board Member Rita Romei
  • Monashee Arts Council Member Robin Ledrew, Artists Federation of Canada
  • Alvin Tam of

Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • capturing the Mabel Lake Community
  • quality of design
  • ease of reproduction
Winning Entry: $100 PRIZE!

The winning entry will be announced at the Mabel Lake Hall during our March 15 AGM. A picture of the winner(s) along with the new logo will be featured in the MLCC Stump Rancher – April issue. If the winning entry was submitted by a team, the $100 prize money will be shared among participants.




If you offer local products or services, this is a great place to let the community know! First Business card size ad is free, next ones are $10.

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