Burger Friday #1 & General Meeting

Fri Jun 21, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Buger Night 1

Our burger nights are an opportunity to renew acquaintances with other members of the community, have a healthy supper out, and spend a pleasant Friday afternoon and evening.

General Meeting

Taking advantage of the number of members attending, i.e. more than the existing quorum of 12 for a general meeting, Russ Collins solicited a vote, by show of hands, to reduce from 12 to 3 the quorum required for the transaction of business at any subsequent general meeting. The passing of this motion alters section 2, part E of our by-laws to read, "Three voting members attending a general or special meeting shall constitute a quorum.".

The reason for this change is the difficulty, exhibited for example at the most recent annual general meeting, of gathering the requisite 12 people to pass motions in accordance with the Club's by-laws.

The Societies Act sets a lower limit of 3, so at their meeting on the 7th of May, the Club's board agreed to amend the by-law in this way.