Shuswap River Cleanup

Sat Sep 29, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

River Cleanup Paddle Event
Bring the Family

Calling all volunteers with canoes, kayaks, SUP's or other human powered craft!
Charles' safety prepWe need your help to clean up the Middle Shuswap River.  It's FREE, fun, and a great way to paddle this beautiful river with some wonderful people.  Please register.
(Participants receive a 10% discount on all 2018 and 2019 river canoeing courses by Elements Adventure !)

This year’s clean-up takes place on the Middle Shuswap River, beginning at the Mabel Lake Community Hall and heading downstream toward Mabel Lake. Volunteers will clean up on foot in the area below Wilsey Dam, while those who wish to paddle will head downstream. Anyone with a human-powered watercraft is welcome to join in (prior river paddling experience is recommended; safety information will be provided). Charles will have canoes and safety equipment available for rent for those who reserve them in advance.

The event ends about 4:00pm back at the Hall. Chili and hot drinks will be provided by the Mabel Lake Community Club.

Registration is required for this event. For this, or further information see the Elements Adventures website, or call or text 250-308-8924.

8:30 AM: Meet at the Mabel Lake Community Hall with your gloves, snacks, water, lunch and appropriate clothing. Help pick up trash on shore or join the flotilla. Boats and paddling equipment are not provided, but are available to rent upon request

3:00 PM: Paddlers will arrive at Bill and Angel Huwer's with the trash they have gathered, and driven to their vehicles at Mabel Lake Hall. While some are shuttling paddlers, others will be sorting the trash and preparing burgers and drinks.

4:00 PM: Food!

2017 Wrap-up

2017 — The Middle Shuswap River gets its Shores Tidied

On Saturday, October 7 Charles Ruechel of Elements Adventure again lead his yearly cleanup paddle of the Shuswap River between The Meadows campground in Cherryville and Wilsey Dam. Six canoes with 13 occupants (including 2 children) paddled the river while picking up trash, arriving end of day at the BC Hydro Recreation Park on Mabel Lake Rd just past the bridge.

Discarded tubes, wooden tables, plastics of all sorts, cigarette butts and much more, a truckload more in fact, were retrieved. It took the paddlers from about 10 AM till 5 PM in sunshine and in rain, the river being very low, and being delayed somewhat by the good soul in Cherryville who offered paddlers pumpkin pie during their travel!

“What was different this year” said Charles Ruechel “is that we partnered with the Mabel Lake Community Club who did promotion for us and set up some hot food and drinks for us at the end of the day and even took it upon themselves to dispose of the garbage!” 

Rita Romei, the president of the Mabel Lake Club said that this event fitted right in with the new mandate of the board which is to become more relevant as stewards of the Mabel Lake Valley rather than just being a social club. “More and more people realize the important role the Shuswap River plays in this community and feel we need to be proactive in protecting it” said Romei.

Many property owners such as Eveline Wolterson and Ken Jeannotte walked along the shore to pick up garbage. “We're hoping that this is only the first of an annual event in the Mabel Lake Valley that engages not only property owners but all who use this river to take part in the cleanup” said Huguette Allen, a board member.

Among the paddlers were people from Vernon, Kelowna and Enderby. Prizes were awarded to the youngest paddlers, Xenia Ruechel and Satori Tam. When asked whether she had been afraid when going down some rapids, she said “No, I was just tooooooo excited!”

Prizes were also awarded for various feats during the day, including the most epic retrieval that went to Lorna Church and Emilia Hladych.

   Satori and Xenia (& Leo)          the trash


Led by Elements Adventures Co.  & Hosted by the Mabel Lake Community Club