100-mile Potluck & Talent Night

Sat Aug 24, 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Click for summary of recent 2019 event here.

The food is great (because everyone contributes) and the performances wow the crowd at the Mabel Lake Club's 100 mile Potluck and Talent Show! This year (2019) we're adding other "talents" in the form of arts and crafts for display in a non-commercial setting.

2019 will be the fourth year that the Club holds this event, and judging by previous years' successes, it won't be its last.

Bring a dish made with local ingredients, and display your talent — music, dance, your artwork, craft or anything you please.

Come share the bounty of local ingredients and each other's creativity while discovering local artists and artisans. Prepare your favorite dish using local produce and bring the recipe if you can!

If you're interested in taking part in the talent show, please contact us asap so we can schedule the show. If you want to display art or artifact you've produced, make sure to show up early to set it up.

4:00 doors open for arts & crafts setup
5:00: setup of dishes - Cash Bar opens
6:00: Potluck Dinner
7:00: Show
10:00: Cash Bar closes.

2019 Event

At least 60 people came out this year, among them children of all ages. The food was unusually plentiful, even for Club standards; and good! Andrew and Ardis cooked a delicious roast beef supplied by the Club, and those who attended brought meat dishes, vegetable dishes or desserts. Our plates weren't big enough to sample everything at once.

MabelThanks to the generosity of the Monashee Community Co-op, there was a door prize — a basket of Co-op products. The winner of the draw is shown here at the right.

Also new this time were the displays of art and crafts showcasing some people's hobbies — paintings and drawings, quilts and quilted items, knitted clothing, and a computer display of the graphic work by one of last year's bursary winners.