Rental Obligations

Please read these policies prior to completing our Hall Use Application (Rental Contract) Form. If our rental administrator waives any of these obligations, or stipulates additional conditions, the revised terms will appear in the space allotted for "Waivers / Conditions" on the Form.

— Obligations of the Tenant —

In submitting our Hall Use Application (Rental Contract), as rental tenant you will have agreed to abide by the following Obligations, except as overridden by Conditions / Waivers arranged with our representative.

  • A booking / damage deposit is due at the time of submitting our Hall Use Application (Rental Contract). We accept a cheque or email funds transfer. The deposit is in addition to the full rental price, and will be refunded within 20 days of your event if the hall and grounds are left in a clean, tidy, and undamaged state, and all garbage generated by the event is removed. If damage or other costs arise as a result of the rental event, any balance of the deposit will be returned only after those costs are paid.

  • The tenant shall be held responsible for any damages caused to the premises by the tenant or guests. The tenant must return the premises to the same condition as they were prior to use and occupation. Any damage will be assessed and the tenant shall reimburse the Mabel Lake Community Club & Recreation Commission. Labour charges may be incurred.

  • Prior to being granted access to the hall, the tenant must show proof of Special Events liability insurance, with named insured being the M.L.C.C.& R.C. and the R.D.N.O. If alcohol is to be consumed on the grounds or in the hall a Liquor Liability policy will also need to be obtained prior to occupation.

  • The full rental price must be paid prior to the rental event. We accept a cheque or email funds transfer.

  • A maximum of 166 people are permitted in the Hall at one time, in accordance with the fire regulations. (Full course meal settings for 150 are provided.)

  • On-site camping is allowed for rentals spanning 2 or more days; no hook-ups are available. No open fires are allowed.

  • The Hall, its decks and the gazebos are non-smoking.

  • To affix decorations or posters, painters' tape may be used. Tacks or staples may be used on the upper portion of the walls. No duct tape or nails may be used on walls, floors, tables or chairs. All decorations and mounting materials must be removed by end of tenancy.

  • The acoustic tiles arranged around the interior walls must have nothing taped or pinned to them, nor may they be moved or altered in any way. 

  • Any signs placed on road leading to venue must be removed immediately after the event.

  • Dishwasher instructions must be followed strictly to ensure clean dishes and to avoid damage to it.

  • It is required that the tenant pay a cleaning fee in addition to the rental fee, insurance and damage deposit. This fee is to cover janitorial costs following the event. The following are the guidelines for the cleanup procedure by the tenant:

    • Decorations and signs removed
    • Tables wiped clean and returned to storage
    • Floors swept
    • Dishes, pots and pans and utensils cleaned and put away
    • Chairs stacked and put away
    • Garbage removed