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Sat Oct 7, 3:00 pm
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The Middle Shuswap River gets its Shores Tidied

On Saturday, October 7 Charles Ruechel of Elements Adventure again lead his yearly cleanup paddle of the Shuswap River. Six canoes with 13 occupants (including 2 children) paddled the river while picking up trash, arriving end of day at the BC Hydro Recreation Park on Mabel Lake Rd just past the bridge.

Sun May 28, 9:00 am
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This is the first of 3 sampling excursions planned for the Water Stewards in summer 2017.

A map of the sites at which water samples are taken along the Shuswap River and its tributaries, both in Cherryville and farther downstream, can be seen here.

Join us at 9:00am at the parking lot on Mabel Lake Rd next to Shuswap Falls if you want to tag along and see how it's done.

Wed Mar 22, 10:00 am
Wed Mar 29, 10:00 am
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