Annual General Meeting 2017

Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Charles Reuchel

March 15, 2017
for fiscal year-end 2017-04-30


A couple of dozen people took an opportunity Wednesday evening to discuss the past year's Club achievements, to view recent renovations and to weigh in on what should happen at the hall in the year to come.

TerriGuest speaker Charles Ruechel of Elements Adventure Company related his experiences instructing and guiding on the Middle Shuswap, and shared his views on the importance of a clean River.

Terri Deuling reported on the ongoing motorized vessel regulations process by the RDNO, which is due to conclude this spring.

Shea Jewitt

The winner of our logo contest, Shea Jewitt, was then presented with a cheque for $100, and an invitation to polish her design with the help of experienced graphic designer and publicizer Alvin Tam.

The meeting proper got underway with reports on the year's activities and financial outcomes, and an overview of plans for the upcoming year, including a new deep well.

With the recent resignation of Stephanie Sexsmith, there was room for a couple more directors. Terri Deuling's 2-year term was up (again) and she volunteered again (all sigh with relief!). Joining the Board are Doug Neill and Andrew Miller, bringing the number of MLCCRC directors to 8.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at the Hall


Prior to the official commencement of the AGM, Charles Ruechel of Elements Adventure gave a presentation about the Shuswap River. Charles has been teaching canoeing and kayaking on the river for many years and shared his love and appreciation for this special waterway.

Following Charles' presentation, Terri Deuling informed all present that RDNO is currently taking another crack at regulating motor boats on the river via an "interest based" process led by a consultant, and that anyone interested in the future of the river can join a constituency that represents their interests.

AGM: Call to order: 7:55 

Chair: Rita Romei  Secretary: Huguette Allen

In attendance: Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Ken Caldwell, Terri Deuling, Joe Deuling, Huguette Allen, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Mark Hesketh, Stephanie Sexsmith, Steve Richter, Eveline Vehlow, Julie Jones, Doug Jones, Leanne Jewitt, Shae Jewitt, Rick Fairbairn, Crystal Hesketh, Jack Hesketh, Charles Ruechel, Randy Rauck, Kim Taylor, Mark Hesketh, Jim Critchley, Judy Stewart.

1. Approval of Agenda: 

Moved and seconded by Stephanie Sexsmith and Crystal Hesketh.


2. Approval of Minutes of 2016 AGM

Moved and seconded by Stephanie Sexsmith and Terri Deuling.


3. Reports & Feedback:

President's Report: Rita welcomed everyone and especially thanked Stephanie for all she did during the year, and highlighted how much progress MLCC had made regarding the rental procedures thanks to the accomplishments of Miriam Britch. She then congratulated Russ Collins on having developed a website for MLCC as it displays our calendar of events and allows potential renters to view all facilities online.

The president also congratulated everyone for having organized monthly events that have been very well attended for the most part and for having published our newsletter monthly. She then thanked Ken Caldwell for his excellent work and follow up on the maintenance of the hall and invited everyone to stick around and see the hall improvements later on. 

Ken gave more details about the roof, explained that the problems had been that the snow stops had been installed at wrong place. The gutters got cleaned out and appropriate venting is now complete.

Financial Report: Russ passed around printouts of MLCC's financial statements and answered questions about receivables and informed all present that RDNO owns the building and the land but that MLCC leases the park and has an Occupancy Agreement. 

Moved and seconded by Stephanie Sexsmith and Joe Deuling to accept the financial report as presented:


4. Plans for the coming year:

Rita explained that Tannis Nelson, MLCC's RDNO contact could not be present due to a medical procedure but had sent a letter. After reading it (see attached RDNO Report), Rita explained that various options for the water system will be examined, including perhaps using a biological system for treating sewage and grey water. These types of systems are used successfully in numerous areas and double up as attractions for they can be very attractive. Most are inside large greenhouses that can grow bananas in winter due to the heat generated during the biological processes. Bear River, N.S. has had a "living machine" for years and an increasing number of areas are installing them.

If MLCC were to pursue this it could be the beginning of making the hall an interpretive centre about the river and the ecosystems around it.

Ken then explained plans for the well, upstream of the sewage system and 100 feet deep, as is the one for fisheries. Ken mentioned he had drunk the water at the hall without getting sick.

Other plans that Ken mentioned were the installation of a raised floor in the storage room.

Joe Deuling then thanked the board for all their energy and achievements as well as Jack Hesketh for his help and Andrew and Ardis Miller for consistently providing the hall with drinkable water during the year.

5. Elections of officers:

Among existing board members, only Terri Deuling was up for re-election. She was nominated by Huguette, seconded by Stephanie and elected unanimously.

Russ then nominated Doug Neill who accepted. Terri seconded and Doug was elected unanimously.

Rita nominated Jack Hesketh who declined.

Moved and seconded by Rita Romei and Russ Collins to accept Terri Deuling and Doug Neill as officers for 2017/2018 year:


6. Adjournment:

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Ken to adjourn at 8:48 PM 


7. Viewing of Hall Improvements led by Ken and Rita.

8. Andrew Miller then volunteered to become a board member and was warmly welcomed.