Annual General Meeting 2022

Tue Apr 26, 2022 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

April 26, 2022
for fiscal year-end 2022-03-31


Chair: Andrew Miller, Recording Secretary: Terri Deuling, Treasurer: Fred Smith, Rental Coordinator: Doug Neill
Members: Ken Caldwell, Maylies Lang, Ardis Miller.

7:10 meeting called to order

Minutes from 2021 AGM adopted, moved by Andrew, 2nd Doug


FINANCIAL REPORT: presented by Fred. We’re sitting with $31,248.19 in the bank.

RENTAL REPORT: presented by Doug, 3 weddings last fall and the election.

Picnic tables - $10,000.00 approved by RDNO for purchase of new picnic tables. Andrew purchased new equipment for grounds maintenance. A weed-trimmer and blower and a floor scrubber for the hall cleaning.

APPOINTMENT OF DIRECTORS: no new appointments, no new members interested. Very hard to get new people out and interested.
Discussed how to get people. Doug suggested a meet and greet. We’ll do a Burger Night, June 3. Food will be no cost, alcohol will be paid for.

BANKING: Doug Neill will be added as a signatory on the MLCC account. Andrew Miller will become the alternate initiator with Fred Smith. Russ Collins and Mark Maksymiuk will be removed as signatories on the account. Moved by Doug, 2nd by Fred

Discussed ideas about increasing participation. Stump Rancher, Around the Block Lumby, Road sign, awareness is key.