Bessette Creek & Lumby (Harris, Duteau, Vance Creeks)

Bessette Creek is formed in Lumby by the confluence of Harris and Duteau Creeks. It is the largest tributary of the Middle Shuswap River downstream of Cherry Creek, is a Pacific salmon spawning creek, and gives the salmon access to Harris, Duteau and Creighton creeks, where they also spawn. 

Sampling Sites 2013+ (upstream to downstream)

  • Harris Creek (Hwy 6)
  • Duteau Creek (Hwy 6)
  • Vance Creek (Mabel Lk Rd) (after 2015 only)
  • Mid Bessette Creek (Mabel Lk Rd)
  • Lower Bessette Creek (Riggins Rd)

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Selected Results of Sampling: