Middle Shuswap Water Stewards

Shuswap River -- Oddfellows Campground

What is referred to here as the Middle Shuswap Water Stewards is actually a combination of 2 groups of volunteers calling themselves the Cherryville Water Stewards and the Middle Shuswap & Lumby Water Stewards. The Middle Shuswap watershed stretches from Sugar Lake to Mabel Lake, and encompasses all the tributaries sampled by these groups.

Analysis of the samples gathered by these volunteers is funded by the Regional District of North Okanagan.

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CARO Reports

Indexes to the test results as reported by CARO, along with the Hach meter readings, are listed below.


The number of constituents (analytes) in each test is vast, particularly for samples tested for metals. So, for quick reference, some analytes have been selected as important or interesting, particularly if they have tended to exceed published limits with regard to the requirements of aquatic life or human recreation. See the list at bottom of this page.

The data has been organized into various watershed segments, shown beginning with the upstream sampling sites in the watershed, and ending downstream.
N.B. the numbers have been transcribed by hand in most cases; refer to the data in .PDF files as reported by CARO in cases of uncertainty.

Analyte Limits
The number at the head of each table provides for quick comparison of actual values with an appropriate maximum or minimum.

The concentration of any particular analyte in the water may be appropriate (acceptable) or not depending on the purpose assumed for that water. None of the limits included here refers to drinking water, since little or no water from these courses should be drunk by humans without prior treatment. What wild animals and aquatic life  are supposed to do regarding treatment is unknown.

The British Columbia provincial government has an excellent web site for tables of standards and discussions of what they are based on. http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/environment/air-land-water/water/water-quality/water-quality-guidelines/approved-water-quality-guidelines