Index of Board or General Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2024

Mon Apr 18, 2022 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

April 18, 2024
for fiscal year-end 2024-03-31

Board Meeting 2024-03-19

Tue Oct 24, 2023 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

March 19, 2024 minutes

In attendance:  Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith, Dave, Mark Maksymiuk, Terri Deuling, Sonja Peters

Minutes from October 24, 2023 meeting read and approved.


Financials:  Fred Smith reported club in good financial condition.  Approximately $32,000 in account with annual $10,000 grant from RDNO still to come.

Hall Rentals:  Doug Neill reported there are a few rentals this summer booked before change in rental policy.  We’ll no longer rent to non-residents for weddings, reunions, etc. as these events have become increasingly noisy and disrespectful to neighbours.  We’ll promote events for children and non-profit community based organizations.  

Interior Health:  Andrew had a call from and we have to have some protocol procedures in place.  i.e. sanitization procedures.  Emergency lights not working, need batteries, fire extinguishers need inspecting.  IH emergency plan missing.  Doug will contact RDNO rep who offered to replace emergency plan and batteries in lights.  

Moms & Tots:  Sonja reported that the new play equipment has been purchased.  The overall price was slightly more than what was approved.  Fred moved that we approve paying Sonja the difference, Doug 2nd.  Equipment is being stored in the hall as the storage room has mice.  If there is an event in the hall Sonja will move the equipment.  

Propane tank filled once a year – it was at 40% when read 2 weeks ago.  

Signage:  Mark will replace blackboards that announce events as the current ones are too rough to clean properly.  Leanna will keep making the announcements.  


Dates set for events:
Spring Clean-up:  April 14, 10ish, weather permitting
AGM:  April 18, 7pm
Burger Nights:  May 31, June 21, July 26 and August 23.  
100 Mile Potluck:  September 21
Turkey Bingo: (tentative) October 9
Christmas Dinner: December 8
Lawn Mowing:  Mark will ask Poppy if she is interested.

Maintenance items:  
some stair treads need replacing.  Andrew will check with Tannis if RDNO will do it.  
Fan flap difficult to open and close.  Doug will buy a foldable ladder that will reach the flap so we don’t have to use the stick.  

Treasurer position open as Fred is stepping down.  He recommends treasurer have a club laptop and own email.  Who will be willing to take over as treasurer.  

Bursary selection:  Andrew will do bursary selection and presentation.

April 21.  We’ll have a roadside clean-up.  Residents will be asked to clean up along the road in front of their place and leave bags on roadside.  Club will pick bags up and take them to the landfill.  

Fire Hall:  a resident, Kristin Blair approached Sonja about the possibility of a Fire Hall in the community.  Sonja recommended she do some research and make a presentation at the AGM.  
Terri will look into having an S-100 course offered at the hall again for residents.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:11




S-100 Firefighting Course

Sat Apr 20, 2024 12:00 am to Sun Apr 21, 2024 11:55 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting 2023-10-24

Tue Oct 24, 2023 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting 2023-08-15

Tue Aug 15, 2023 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Mable Lake Community Club

Board Meeting

August 15, 2023


Agenda - additions and approval

Burger Night Debriefing



  • Financial Report - Fred

  • Rentals Report – Doug

Discussion of Change of Criteria of Hall Availability for Potential Renters

  • Events Report – Terri

Upcoming Events


Old Business

  • New Sign

Chalk Board (Upcoming Events)


New Business

  • Nomination Of Sonja Peters as Director

  • Cooler and Sound System Issues

  • Internet Availability for Renters









Board Meeting 2023-07-04

Tue Jul 4, 2023 7:30 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting Jul 4, 2023

Board Meeting 2023-04-18

Tue Apr 18, 2023 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting Apr 18, 2023
Immediately following the AGM
Minutes (unadopted)

FINANCIAL REPORT: Finances are good, little activity over the past 3 covid years. $15,205.00 in account with $10,000.00 RDNO grant still to come.

RENTAL REPORT: Rentals are steady, 4-5 per year, usually rented for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

SOCIAL REPORT: Only one Burger Night last year, very well attended. We will try to have more this year, mosquitos permitting. First one will be June 2, 2023. We will plan on the Summer Potluck with a date of August 26, 2023 tentatively set. If there are enough interested vendors we will have a farmer/crafter market throughout the growing season too. Turkey Bingo will be held before Thanksgiving.



Fred will stay on as Treasurer;

Doug will stay on as Rental Co-ordinator;

Terri will stay on as Secretary;

Andrew stepping down from Chairperson but will remain a director;

Joe and John will take on Hall Maintenance.

Positions that need to be filled:

Chairperson and Vice Chair.

Ardis will stay on as Stumprancher editor?




The freeze before Christmas caused extensive damage which has been repaired by RDNO.


Sign on the road needs to be replaced. Doug will build a shelter, Andrew will look into having a sign made.


Yard Maintenance: we will prepare a list of requirements during the hall cleanup so we can look into finding a contractor to perform these duties.


IH Requirements: Jess offered to look into the requirements for the safe running of the kitchen.



Hall Cleanup May 6 at 10am


Fibre Optic option to replace Xplornet. Fred will give Telus a call to see if that is an option.


Scholarship- there were no qualifying applicants this year.


Valley First account. Doug Neill will become an additional signatory on our account.


It would be nice to have a social co-ordinator to offer more programs, perhaps a parent and tot time to accommodate all the families with young children?


Next meeting: to be determined. Meeting adjourned at 9pm



Agenda – updates and approval

Minutes of Last Meeting (Oct 5, 2022) – changes and approval


  • Financial Report – Fred 
  • Rentals Report – Doug
  • Social Report – Terri
    • Next Social Event

Old Business

  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Road Signage (replace due to wind damage)          

New Business

  • Election of Officers
  • Spring Cleanup (May 6, 2023)
  • Food Safety and Sanitation Requirements (Interior Health Mandate)
  • Fallout from Winter Freeze
  • Bursary Criteria Evaluation
  • Social Media Discussion

Odds and Ends
Next Meeting and Adjournment

Annual General Meeting 2023

Mon Apr 18, 2022 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

April 18, 2023
for fiscal year-end 2023-03-31

Meeting called to order 7:00pm
Doug moved to accept last year's minutes, Fred 2

Financial Report:

  • Covid 19 reduced our activities
  • Account at $15,205.00 with the annual grant of $10,000.00 from RNDO not yet received.

Chairman’s Report:

  • Regional Health Inspector attended the hall with Andrew in the fall and found many deficiencies.
    Some of the concerns:
    • A space between the front doors allowing insects and dust to enter building has been sealed;
    • Chlorination system for water, good;
    • Lack of protocol book for food preparation and storage, completed;
    • Jess has a background in food preparation and would be will to help with health and safety standards.
RDNO will now do monthly Water Tests.

During the cold spell before Christmas the old furnace stopped working and all the water in the hall froze causing major damage. Furnace was replaced, dish sanitizer repaired, plumbing and fixtures replaced, chlorination system replaced.

A wind storm damaged the sign on the road and it needs to be replaced. Doug has offered to build a shelter to protect the sign from weather and Andrew will look into having a sign made.

Grounds Maintenance; it has been difficult to find a volunteer to attend to this job, we will look into finding a contractor to perform these duties. If we are renting the hall for income the grounds need to be maintained to an acceptable level.

John Gyra asked for orientation re: What is the purpose of the club? To provide a place for community functions. RDNO owns the land and the building, MLCC has a Licence to Occupy. Our regional director and a RDNO staff person act as liaisons. Doug offered that we are in need of 2 positions on the executive to be filled, Hall Maintenance and Social Co-ordinator. Joe and John offered to work together on the maintenance.

John has concerns about the river eroding his property. It was recommended he contact Lee Hesketh.

NEXT EVENT: Hall Cleanup, May 6 at 10am.

Meeting adjourned

Board Meeting 2022-10-05

Wed Oct 5, 2022 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting Oct 5, 2022
Minutes - unadopted (sic)
In attendance:  Doug Neill, Fred Smith, Andrew Miller, Terri Deuling

Minutes adopted from April 26, 2022 meeting.

$32,242.08 in account as of September 30, 2022.
Burger Night expenses $600.00+/-, Income $300.00 +/-
Burger Night well attended, would have had more but the mosquitoes were too bad through the beginning of August.
Should we have a Christmas Dinner?
Doug proposed we hire a lawn maintenance company to look after the grounds next year.  It was agreed that would be a good solution to the difficulty of finding locals available to do the job.
Water Soft BC was out to replace light in UV filter and then replaced ballast as well.  RDNO to cover the cost.

Shannon is doing a good job of cleaning after events.

Got the signing authority on the bank accounts sorted out.

Interior Health inspector went over the hall with a fine tooth comb.  Results:
    - Space between the entrance door needs to be closed so insects and dirt cannot enter.
    - Dishwasher not coming up to proper temperature.  Fixed
    - Pest Control.  No sign of pests in hall.
    - Surfaces must be sprayed with bleach solution before and after events
    - Plastic bus tray melted and has been replaced.
    - Must do monthly water samples; water sample to be dropped of at Interior Health.  Andrew offered to do that
    - We need a meat thermometer available for people to use.
Andrew sent the report to Tannis and advised that we are remedying the deficiencies.
Non-directors should submit an estimate of expense for approval prior to spending money.

Bursary awarded to Ali Maltman.

Stump-Rancher.  Joe's office is no longer able to print the paper.  We'll have to look at other options.

Board Meeting 2022-04-26

Tue Apr 26, 2022 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting Apr 26, 2022
immediately after AGM
Chair: Andrew Miller; Recording Secretary: Terri Deuling
Directors in attendance: Doug Neill, Fred Smith
Members in attendance: Maylies Lang

Old Business

  • Janitorial Services: Doug will check with Shannon to see if she is still interested in performing the cleaning duties.
  • Grass cutting: Jaimie Caldwell will cut grass and clean up yard before events.
  • Hall Maintenance: Discussed concrete slab on lawn to place chairs and tables. It was agreed that would limit the options for people renting to set up as they wish.
  • New Sign: Doug is working on preparing new sign for the Road.

    No change

New Business

  • Rentals: busy into July and August, Doug is discouraging groups whose main interest is camping.
  • Spring Cleanup: May 7, hot dogs will be served at lunch time.
  • Hall Rental Online Management: RDNO has an online booking system but our system is satisfactory for now.
  • Artist Sheri Leason donated an oil painting of the falls to hang in the hall.

Next meeting June 24th at 7pm at the Hall

Meeting adjourned. Moved my Doug, 2nd Fred

Annual General Meeting 2022

Tue Apr 26, 2022 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

April 26, 2022
for fiscal year-end 2022-03-31


Chair: Andrew Miller, Recording Secretary: Terri Deuling, Treasurer: Fred Smith, Rental Coordinator: Doug Neill
Members: Ken Caldwell, Maylies Lang, Ardis Miller.

7:10 meeting called to order

Minutes from 2021 AGM adopted, moved by Andrew, 2nd Doug


FINANCIAL REPORT: presented by Fred. We’re sitting with $31,248.19 in the bank.

RENTAL REPORT: presented by Doug, 3 weddings last fall and the election.

Picnic tables - $10,000.00 approved by RDNO for purchase of new picnic tables. Andrew purchased new equipment for grounds maintenance. A weed-trimmer and blower and a floor scrubber for the hall cleaning.

APPOINTMENT OF DIRECTORS: no new appointments, no new members interested. Very hard to get new people out and interested.
Discussed how to get people. Doug suggested a meet and greet. We’ll do a Burger Night, June 3. Food will be no cost, alcohol will be paid for.

BANKING: Doug Neill will be added as a signatory on the MLCC account. Andrew Miller will become the alternate initiator with Fred Smith. Russ Collins and Mark Maksymiuk will be removed as signatories on the account. Moved by Doug, 2nd by Fred

Discussed ideas about increasing participation. Stump Rancher, Around the Block Lumby, Road sign, awareness is key.

Board Meeting 2021-08-04

Wed Aug 4, 2021 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting Aug 4, 2021
Chair: Andrew Miller; Recording Secretary: Russ Collins
Directors in attendance: Doug Neill, Fred Smith

ADOPTION of June 23, 2021 Meeting Minutes. Moved by Doug, Fred 2nd


    22870.91 in the bank

    Price Changes: Weekend was $800 now $1000; Fri or Sat was $400 now $500; Weekday was $300 now $350; Hourly & Cleaning unchanged
    It was undecided what rental should be charged for the use of various Club equipment: PA system, Projector, E-Piano, WiFi, BBQ.

  • No next social event

Old Business

  • Inactive Directors:
    Currently Fred & Russ are able to create, but not to authorize online payments for such items as utilities, whereas Mark and Terri have the opposite capabilities, namely authorization but not creation.
    Mark has not responded to Fred's authorization requests for several months, and an alternative situation will be created, with Russ composing the relevant letter to the Valley First credit union: Mark to be removed as signatory; Andrew and Doug to be added as signatories.

  • Janitorial
    Shannon has agreed to continue with her cleaning activities following rentals and other events as required.

  • Grass Cutting
    Jamie Cladwell has agreed to trim the lawn etc. on occasions requested by Andrew

  • Hall Maintenance
    The Club is still in need of a dedicated maintenance volunteer since the resignation of Ken Caldwell.
    Propane: Russ will coordinate a top-up prior to winter in coordination with Ken who keeps abreast of prices.

  • Picnic Table Purchase
    Andrew will order 4 aluminum frames having wheelchair "access", each about $300
    Once these arrive, there will have to be a project to attach tops and benches of wood supplied by Doug Neill

New Business

  • 2021 Wish List

    • Ride on lawn mower

    • ICE (not electirc battery) Weedwhacker

    • Landscaping; irrigation system(?)

    • Improve Signage on Mabel Lake Road

Should insurance coverage increase with all the added equipment? Russ to verify.

Next meeting Sept 8

Adjourn 8:01 Moved by Doug, Fred 2nd

Board Meeting 2021-06-23

Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:30 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting Jun 23, 2021
Immediately following the AGM
Chair: Andrew Miller; Recording Secretary: Terri Deuling
Directors in attendance: Russ Collins, Doug Neill, Fred Smith
Member in attendance: Ken Caldwell
ADOPTION of October 23, 2020 Meeting Minutes. Moved by Doug, Fred 2nd


  • Everything cancelled or deferred. 2 rentals for late August 2021. Doug will advise the renters of the COVID requirements. 

  • Rentals for 2022 already being booked.

  • Now that the water is sorted out Doug will adjust the rental prices accordingly. 

  • Rick advised RDNO is going to online booking system for all it’s facilities if we want to make use of it.


  • Water problems 99% resolved. Need two water samples to be taken and come back clear and boil water notice can be lifted. System is very user friendly.

  • Storage Shed is good, lawn mower works, bar-b-que assembled and in back room, propane stored in shed. It would be nice to side the storage unit so it looks better.


  • We could have a burger night. We can set a date.

  • Hall Cleaning Doug will call Shannon. Andrew looked into floor cleaners after Shannon requested one. He’ll investigate purchase of floor cleaner.


  • Need the mirror cut to fit in the bathroom after chlorination system installed; Andrew will take it to a glass cutter in town. 

  • Old lock holes on door visible and unsightly; Ken will repair.


Discussed River Motor Boat regulations being abandoned. 

Meeting adjourned Doug moved, Fred 2nd

Annual General Meeting 2021

Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

June 23, 2021
for fiscal year-end 2021-03-31


Chair: Andrew Miller; Recording Secretary: Terri Deuling
Directors in Attendance: Russ Collins, Doug Neill, Fred Smith.
Members in Attendance: Ken Caldwell, Laurie Brunson & guest.
Others in Attendance: RDNO Director Rick Fairbairn.

ADOPTION OF MINUTES of October 23, 2020 meeting, Doug moved, Russ 2nd


- RDNO has approved opening of hall, as of June 23, 2021 stage 3 opening. Looking forward to resuming normal hall activities.

- Water Issue: Despite our wishes, and desire to keep water untreated Interior Health insisted we chlorinate for public use. Chlorination system has been installed and reverse osmosis system installed on kitchen sink for drinking water.

- Furnace packed it in during cold spell in February. It was repaired and the broken water pipes replaced when the chlorination system was installed.

- Hall needs a good clean-up after a year and a half of sitting. Doug will call Shannon.

- Bursary recipients: Mark Hesketh and Cayden Moffat.

- River clean-up was help in the fall organized by Charles Reuchel. MLCC club members helped with sorting and food supply.

-RDNO has COVID grant for groups such as ours. Andrew has applied on behalf of the club to help cover our losses over the closure. 

TREASURERS REPORT - Fred Smith: See attached pdf.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: No offers made to become a board member; we are in need of a hall maintenance person.


-Andrew put in a request for $1,000.00 to RDNO for new picnic tables. $10,000.00 was approved.

Motion to adjourn at 7:30 Doug, Fred 2nd


Board Meeting 2020-10-23

Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting — MINUTES — Oct 23, 2020

Chair: Andrew Miller, Secretary: Russ Collins (Terri Deuling absent)

In attendance: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Ardis Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith. 

Meeting immediately followed the AGM

Russ moved to adopt minutes of September 17, 2019 as read, Doug 2nd Carried.

Maintenance Report - Ken

  • The Lions Club has donated 6 picnic tables of which 4 were worth repairing: 3 are now finished with one in good condition awaiting minor repairs. No decision was reached as to where they should be stored over winter for protection from the weather.
  • The furnace wasn't working during the meeting, so Ken will call a technician. (Russ & Doug provided electric heaters for the 24th elections.)
  • Gravel was ordered for the parking lot, and levelled.
  • The container was delivered, and mounted on concrete blocks by Ken and Andrew.
  • A new lawnmower and barbecue were purchased, funded subsquently by RDNO.

  • Water system will undergo an independent review within the next few days.

Financial Report - Fred
Rentals Report – Doug
  • All rentals have been cancelled or rescheduled due to Interior Health and the RDNO enforcing the covid lockdown.
Events Report - Terri
  • N/A Terri absent & Hall closure due to the covid lockdown.
Election of Officers
Andrew will continue as Chair
Fred will continue as Treasurer
Doug will continue fielding Rentals
Terri will (presumably) continue as Recording Secretary and spearheading Social activities

Old Business

See Chairperson's Report from AGM preceding this meeting.

New Business
  • 2020 Wishlist
    • Commercial Kitchen
  • Rental Agreement

Adjournment 8:23pm

Annual General Meeting 2020

Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

October 23, 2020
for fiscal year-end 2020-03-31

We held this formality to conform to B.C. regulations regarding Societies like ours. The short notice contravened some details in the Societies Act, but we were able to circumvent some restrictions of the COVID lockdown as imposed by Interior Health and the Regional District by opening the Hall one day early prior to the B.C. provincial election which used the Hall all day October 24.

Chair: Andrew Miller, Secretary: Russ Collins (Terri Deuling absent)

In attendance: Ken Caldwell, Ardis Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith.
Absent Directors: Joe Deuling, Terri Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk

Meeting called to order at 7:12

Fred moved to adopt the minutes of AGM April 17, 2019 as read, Doug 2nd Carried.

Chairperson's Annual Report (attached)

Treasurer's Report (attached)

Board of Directors Appointments
Ken resigned, while remaining willing to perform maintenance activities on call.

Adjournment 7:43



Board Meeting 2020-04-07 - Cancelled

Tue Apr 7, 2020 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting — AGENDA — Apr 7, 2020

  1. Agenda - additions and approval
  2. Minutes of September 17 Meeting – changes and approval
  3. Reports
    • Maintenance Report - Ken
    • Financial Report - Fred
    • Rentals Report – Doug
    • Events Report - Terri
  4. Old Business
    • Water Problems
    • Signage
    • Highway litter
    • By-Law changes / Membership
  5. New Business
    • 2020 Wishlist
      • Commercial Kitchen
    • Rental Agreement
  6. Odds & Ends
  7. Next Meeting and Adjournment

Board Meeting 2019-09-17

Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Fred & Leona's

1177 Mabel Lk Rd

Board Meeting — AGENDA — Sep 17, 2019

  1. Agenda - additions and approval
  2. Minutes of August 6 Meeting – changes and approval
  3. Reports
    • Maintenance Report - Ken
      • Kelsi dissatisfied by lawn mower;
        requests storage shed — hurt back taking mower out of Hall.
        Will continue but requires notice; schedule OK but distance prohibitive; Doug will schedule Cayden.
      • 4 picnic tables broken (abused) by recent rental; Ken repairing or not, as possible
        no others needed thanks to Lions.
      • Front door lock: Ken will email model # (Schlage) & manual
        Doug will copy key (for Andrew & ?)
      • Water System w/ Tannis Nelson
      • Security cameras
    • Financial Report - Fred
    • Rentals Report – Doug
    • Events Report - Terri
      • Turkey Bingo
      • Christmas dinner
  4. Old Business
    • Water Problems
    • Signage
    • Sound system
    • Highway litter
    • By-Law changes / Membership
  5. New Business
    • 2020 Wishlist
    • River Cleanup
    • Rental Agreement
  6. Odds & Ends
  7. Next Meeting and Adjournment

Board Meeting 2019-08-06

Tue Aug 6, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd

Board Meeting — MINUTES (unadopted) — August 6, 2019

Present: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith
Attending: Ardis Miller
Call to order 7:06
  1. Agenda accepted without changes
  2. Accept Minutes of 2019-06-04: moved by Russ, 2nd Ken

  3. Reports

    1. Maintenance - Ken:
      • Kelsi dissatisfied by lawn mower;
        requests storage shed — hurt back taking mower out of Hall.
        Will continue but requires notice; schedule OK but distance prohibitive; Doug will schedule Cayden.
      • 4 picnic tables broken (abused) by recent rental; Ken repairing or not, as possible
        no others needed thanks to Lions.
      • Front door lock: Ken will email model # (Schlage) & manual
        Doug will copy key (for Andrew & ?)
      • DOE valve needed for before pressure tank; Ken ran tank dry
      • Cameras
        Doug & Ken installed 2 on road side
        Ken installed 2 on corner above ramp, facing road & back yard
        Ken supplied monitor to be mounted behind kitchen door
    2. Finances - Fred
      • $21,346 in account after rental deposit payables
      • Burger 1: $123.33
      • Burger 2: $132.39 & meat left over
    3. Rentals - Doug
      • 2 more rentals this month
      • Hesketh $200
    4. Events - Terri (absent)
      • Potluck dinner - 100-mile

        Andrew will ask Dana & Margit to BBQ a roast
        talent night to include arts & crafts (non-commercial), as well as musical
        Terri to arrange licenses

      • Highway cleanup
        Terri has garbage bags

        Roger Vollmin (Shafer Rd) is contact
        waiting until fall

  4. Old Business

    1. Membership, Societies Act, By-Law changes
      Russ to contact White Valley for their practices
      Fred to check another Community Club
      membership: some directors urged us to continue our current practice such that members are all the residents of Mabel Lake Community (as specified), although this does not follow the new Societies Act
    2. Room dividers arrived: 2:00pm tomorrow (Wed) at Hall for carrying in.
    3. Sound system
      Wentworth will lend the Yamaha 600BT for Potluck; if OK, MLCC will buy: altogether less than $2,000
    4. Storage shed for BBQ & Lawn Mower
      allowing space for sound system etc. in lockers
    5. Wish list:
      • Storage shed $1500 - $5000
      • Lawn Mower $400 - $800
      • Concrete or pavers pad at foot of front deck stairs (for picnic tables)
      • Painting wainscotting
  5. Next Meeting Sept 17, Fred Smith’s, 1177 Mabel Lake Rd (north of Rawlings Lk Rd).
  6. Adjournment 8:33

Board Meeting 2019-06-04

Tue Jun 4, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Ken & Dede's

31 Shuswap River Dr

Board Meeting — MINUTES — June 4, 2019

In attendance: Ken Caldwell, Terri Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith.

Call to order 7:12pm

  1. Minutes of May 7 Meeting – changes and approval moved by Andrew, Ken 2nd.
  2. Reports
    • Maintenance Report - Ken
      • Security cameras: Ken ordered from Amazon but they were not usable, need to send back, he’ll reorder.
      • Picnic tables: Ken sanded down top of one table and stained top and bottom on boards with cedar stain, he hopes to do 2 per year. 
      • Lawn – Cayden has mowed twice and is doing a good job. We need to let him know how to access rental schedule so he can mow before rentals.
    • Financial Report - Fred
      • Approximately $18,000.00 in VFCU account
      • Fred has received cheque from RDNO for $1,300.00, not sure if it’s reimbursement for sign or projector but he will check and proceed accordingly.
      • VFCU – Fred is still working through the process of getting signing authority on MLCC account. Should be soon
    • Rentals Report – Doug
      • Wedding booked a year ago and we thought our water woes should be cured by now. We’re still waiting for RDNO/Interior Health to lift Drinking Water ban so Doug will have to supply jugs of drinking water for wedding party. 
      • No new rentals.
    • Events Report - Terri
      • Burger Night June 21. Terri will get liquor licence and do the shopping. Burgers will be made at the hall on the evening of the 20. 
      • Andrew will bring potato salad. 
      • Road Clean-up June 22, 9- 11am Rental at hall so we’ll meet at Hydro Park to distribute bags etc. Terri left a message for AIM but didn’t have a call back, will try again.
  3. Old Business
    • Projector and Screen: arrived and will be put up on Burger Night. Andrew has paid for projector and screen; RDNO will reimburse the club and then the club will reimburse Andrew. MLCC will charge renters an additional fee if they wish to use the projector during their rental.
    • Well: RDNO/IH need 2 consecutive clear water tests to lift drinking ban. First test in April after plumbing failed. We don’t have the results from the May test.
    • Sprinklers: Andrew has set a sprinkler up with a timer so newly planted lawn is being watered and water is being flushed through system.
    • Bursary Presentations: Andrew will present both awards, one at CBSS and one at Seaton.
    • Lawn Care: Cayden doing a good job.
  4. New Business
    • Signs: Ken has had new signs made at Sunshine Autographics. No Camping and Please be a good neighbour and cleanup after your dog. Mark will pick up.
    • Bat Houses: We need more information before we embark on this project; we need to know what kind of bats we have here to build the proper houses so it’s not a waste of time and harmful to bats. Andrew suggested we build bird houses instead. Doug will confer with Huguette to see if she wants to pursue the project.
  5. Next Meeting: August 6 at the Miller's
    Adjournment: 8:00pm

Board Meeting 2019-05-07

Tue May 7, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd

Board Meeting — MINUTES — May 7, 2019

Call to order 7:00pm

  1. Agenda - additions and approval
  2. Minutes of April 2 Meeting – adopted as read, Russ moved, Ken 2nd
  3. Election of Officers
    • Chairperson - Andrew Miller
    • Treasurer - Fred Smith
    • Secretary - Terri Deuling
    • Hall Rental Coordinator - Doug Neill
    • Maintenance - Ken Caldwell
    • Other Officers - Russ Collins, Joe Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk
  4. Committees
    • Rental
    • Maintenance
    • Social
  5. Reports
    • Maintenance Report - Ken
      • Outhouse was put in place by the gazebo at the spring clean-up. Ken has spent time repairing the throne and sealing floor around the throne. Walls were squared and Russ, Fred & Ken stained the building.
      • LED motion sensor light put up.
      • Andrew spread top soil on the low spots of the lawn and sprinkled some grass seed. We’ll need to set up sprinklers; Russ has some timers we could use.
        Invoices for sign must be sent to RDNO so we can get reimbursed for the sign.
      • Ken has installed “dummy” security camera and signs to deter vandalism.
    • Financial Report - Russ
      • Fred assumes position for next meeting
      • Some outstanding bills to pay but ± $19,000.00 in account.
    • Rentals Report – Doug
      • Rentals going well; no rentals until June; haven’t heard from cadets yet.
    • Events Report - Terri
      • Burger night June 21. Terri will get liquor license and make burgers the day before.
      • Highway clean up some time in June
  6. Old Business
    • Projector and screen have been purchased. Screen is 9’ long. Use of projector and screen can be included in hall rental for a small fee.
    • Well water test results: still no news so boil water advisory still in effect.
    • Picnic Table Repainting: Ken will try sanding some down and re-staining.
    • Bylaw Changes: Burger night #1 to have a vote on changing by-laws (we need 12 club members present to vote).
    • Summer park maintenance: Mowers from last year have moved. Russ will advertise on Round the Block Lumby for a new lawn maintenance person.
  7. New Business
    • Bat House project: Huguette will organize bat house building workshop. Club will provide kits with pieces cut and ready to assemble. Fred and Doug will look into plans for bat houses.
  8. Odds & Ends
  9. Next Meeting June 4, 7pm at Ken's
    Meeting adjourned at 8pm

Annual General Meeting 2019

Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

April 17, 2019
for fiscal year-end 2019-04-30

Chair: Andrew Miller, Secretary: Terri Deuling

In attendance: Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Joe Deuling, Terri Deuling, Helmut Lang, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith, Shannon Vance-Collins. 

Meeting called to order at 7:10

Andrew moved to adopt Agenda, Ken 2nd Carried

Andrew moved to adopt minutes of AGM April 18, 2018 as read, Ken 2nd Carried.


Financial Report: Russ presented Financial Report, printed copies were available. Russ explained the report and answered a few questions for clarification. Russ moved to adopt Financial Report , Huguette 2nd.

Chairperson’s Report: Andrew gave members a brief outline of the achievements of the board over the last year some of the highlights: Use of hall focus changed as hall to be more meeting friendly and less like a gymnasium. Basketball hoops taken down, acoustic tiles installed, new lighter kitchen window roller installed. The boil water advisory is still in effect but RDNO has drilled a new well and replaced the old plumbing. Commercial dishwasher purchased with help from RDNO. The phone service was changed from Telus to Xplornet; much less money and additional wi-fi. Ken facilitated new gravel covering for parking lot and new sign on roadway. A permanent NO FIRE policy has been implemented. The board has committed to Watershed Interpretive Centre. Last year’s bursary winners were Nathan Allen and Jack Hesketh. MLCC has taken over Adopt-A-Highway from Rawlings Lake Road to Sigalet Road. Still struggle to get attendance at events. A new projector and screen are on order. 


Shannon requested a floor cleaning zamboni to improve cleaning of hall. She will look into options available. 

BY LAW CHANGES Russ has prepared some changes to the By Laws but the changes couldn’t be made because there wasn’t a quorum as per current constitution. 


Huguette nominated a slate, Terri, Ken, Andrew Doug and Fred Smith who will take over Russ’s position as Treasurer. All in favour. 


Joe Deuling gave a short talk on the history of the Mabel Lake Community Club. A discussion followed on ways to get more people taking an interest. Huguette suggested interviewing a few new people to see what would entice them to come out to events. Some suggested events we could hold:

  • movie night

  • drop in jam

  • video game night

  • newcomer event

We need to incorporate a social committee director that has a group to call on to help with events.



Board Meeting 2019-04-02

Tue Apr 2, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd

Board Meeting — MINUTES — April 2, 2019

In attendance: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill
  1. Adoption of Agenda - Doug moved, Russ 2nd
  2. Adoption of November meeting minutes - Doug moved, Russ 2nd
  3. Reports
    • Maintenance Report - Ken
      • Sign - Ken has put up the new sign with help of Fred. Sign looks good but lettering a bit small.
      • Security - Ken has 2 security looking cameras that flash red lights. Could be put up to deter vandalism.
      • Water - Plumbing from new well has yet to be done. Andrew has talked to Tannis and emphasized the importance of having it done before rental season.
    • Financial Report - Russ
      • Received the $10,000.00 grant from RDNO on March 28 putting bank balance at the end of March at $18,727.38.
        In addition we have additional funding approved for:
        • Projector, screed and audio $5,000.00
        • Security system $1,000.00
        • Signage upgrades $1,000.00
        • Accordion room dividers $1,000.00
    • Rentals Report – Doug
      • Rentals coming along for the summer; July is almost booked up.
      • The donated rental has been booked.
      • Russ suggested Doug call cadets re: summer rentals. 
    • Events Report - Terri
      • Set aside dates for summer events.
      • Burger Nights, June 21 & July 12
      • 100 Mile Potluck, August 24


  1. Hall Improvements - Andrew and Ardis will take care of purchasing appropriate projector, screen and audio system.

  2. Signage Improvements - Ken had sign made and erected for $1,000.00 all in.

  3. Accordion Dividers - Andrew has looked into different types and we’ll decide if we will purchase them.

  4. Security System - Ken will look into purchasing new security system.

  5. Water Hook-up - waiting for RDNO to redo plumbing in hall.

  6. Whitevalley Donation - week-end hall donation purchased for $300.00. That amount was matched making a total donation to WVCRC $600.00. Week-end rental worth $1,000.00.

  7. Outhouse Relocation - Building is up at Ken’s. The hole is dug and tank in place just need to place building and do some minor repairs.

  8. Interpretive Centre - Huguette’s grant application was unsuccessful so plans on hold for now.


  1. Bursary Selection - April 10 at CBSS. Andrew and Ardis will attend.

  2. Changing Club Boundaries - No real interest or demand from anyone outside of current boundaries so no change. 

  3. Adopt a Highway - We’re now on the signs from Rawlings Lake Road to Sigalet Road. 

  4. Spring Clean-up - April 14. Terri will purchase refreshments.

  5. AGM - April 17 at 6:30 No guest speakers. Russ would like to present some by-law changes to be voted on at AGM.


  1. Russ will check with lawn maintenance people if they are still available.

  2. Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

  3. Next meeting 7:00pm, May 7, 2019 at Doug’s

General Meeting 2018-11-20

Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Information KioskMembers were welcome to attend a special meeting of the Club's board of directors, called to discuss the proposal for a Watershed Interpretive Centre at Tolley Park near the Mabel Lake Community Hall. (Membership in the Mabel Lake Community Club & Recreation Commission is defined in our Constitution).

Thanks to a grant from the Monashee Arts Council, a proposal for an Interpretive Centre was developed over the last few months. It was presented Tuesday evening November 6, so was not presented again prior to discussion.

Both the proposal and the presentation are attached.

Our by-laws determine that our meetings be "conducted according to Canadian parliamentary procedure". This means among other things that all discussion must be relevant to a motion and directed at a decision.

In this case, then, the discussion was directed at the motion "that the M.L.C. Club approve in principle a project to construct a Watershed Interpretive Centre as proposed in the presentation given at our Hall on November 6". The phrase "in principle" allows us to agree on general approval while reserving the right to specify details prior to their installation.

— Minutes (unadopted)

Present: Ardis & Andrew Miller, Kelsey & Denise Moffatt, Doug Neill, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Rick Fairbairn, Rick Anctil, Terri Deuling

Russ moved to approve minutes from October 9th, Ken 2nd


Maintenance Report: Ken

  • Mike Fox is new at RDNO he has been working with Ken on the water. Coliform count is still high in water from hall which suggests coliform is still in the pipes. Mike will get a plumber and strong bleach to clean pipes and get clean water.
  • Andrew had rolling window put in kitchen opening replacing heavy plywood window.

Events: Terri

Talked to Margie Bilodeau about cooking turkey on smoker bar-b-que. She recommended not doing turkey that way because they would be drier and couldn’t make gravy. Terri will cook turkey at hall and Millers will prepare potatoes for the Christmas Potluck. Terri will obtain liquor licence. Kelsey thought we should charge for the alcoholic beverages.


Projector - is on RDNO agenda. The projector Mark offered would not be sufficient. 

Road Sign - we’ll put in a request for money for new sign.

Movable Screen - for privacy and creating smaller spaces. We’ll look into it

Interpretive Centre - Huguette applied for a grant from Monashee Arts Council with approval in principal from MLCC board. She received a $1,500.00 grant and with that money hired Don Elzer to prepare concept drawing. A public meeting was held at the hall on November 6, 2018 to present concept. Approximately 40 people, including people from Vernon, Cherryville and Lumby area attended. 

Andrew has had people expressing concern about location. Rick Fairbairn was asked if RDNO wants MLCC to run centre. Rick has talked to Tannis Nelson; it’s MLCC’s project therefore MLCC will be responsible. Centre has to be endorsed by club and not RDNO. It is thought our Licence to Occupy includes all of Tolley Park.

- Russ moved MLCCRC endorse the Watershed Interpretive Centre, in principal, as it was presented on November 6. Doug 2nd. Show of hands 4 in favour, 3 opposed. Carried.
Kelsey expressed concerns about project attracting more visitors and not being for the community.
Andrew read from a list of concerns from residents some of the concerns are:
resources, are Huguettes resources enough to maintain center into the future? 
what is the community’s obligation? Russ responded saying the community does need educating.
Doug brought forth the view that having more people in the area would be a safety benefit. More ears and eyes.
Kelsey moved that before anything proceeds there is a mail out referendum to community. Denise 2nd.
Doug stated that as a board we have tried many ways to engage community and it’s very hard to get involvement. 
Kelsey withdrew motion.


-First Aid Kit - Ardis will go through first aid kit to upgrade it.

-MLCC Christmas Message in LVT - Russ will do 


-Community Club Area - Ardis wonders what the boundaries of the club are? Russ points out Boundaries are outlined in constitution and can be changed. Terri says that scholarship eligibility is based on boundaries and if they change we should change scholarship wording. 

Meeting adjourned.

Watershed Interpretive Centre Presentation

Tue Nov 6, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Andrew welcomes attendees


40 people came to the Mabel Lake Community Hall Tuesday evening to hear a presentation of the proposal for an Watershed Interpretive Centre at Tolley Park near the Hall.

Thanks to a grant from the Monashee Arts Council, a proposal for an Interpretive Centre has been developed over the last few months. Further funding is being requested from various granting sources, and community support is key to acceptance.

Information gazeboApart from demonstrating interest, the meeting was a chance for the public to provide input and pose questions.

The goal of the Centre is not so much to attract tourism as to provide a local base displaying information about our watershed, and to hold related events year round. Rentals and Club events will not be affected, except insofar as the displays will provide an added attraction.

The proposal and presentation are attached.

Board Meeting 2018-10-09

Tue Oct 9, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd


Meeting at Andrew Miller’s, in attendance: Andrew, Doug, Ken, Russ & Terri

Minutes from previous meeting accepted: moved by Russ, 2nd by Ken


DISCRETIONARY SPENDING “beef about the beef” provided by club for 100 Mile Potluck. Certain members of the executive have been given an allocated amount for discretionary spending for club supplies or business the money will be repaid by the club when invoices submitted. 

-Russ expressed concern about spending club money on “parties” a discussion followed about duties of hall re spending. It was determined that social gatherings were part of the club mandate. We must take care to try and cover the costs of events. 

-Liquor at parties - ½ the cost is the licence. Should we consider not getting a licence and not providing alcohol ie letting people bring their own alcohol? After discussing the options it was decided we couldn’t risk not getting a liquor licence.

MAINTENANCE Ken and Mike (RDNO) did water test of new well water in hall and it came back with high coli form count as Ken expected because the pipes in the hall are still contaminated. Mike made some suggestions and Ken used a 12% bleach to shock system to Mike’s specifications. Water test went out and results are not know yet.

-Some of the porch paint is worm off already. Maybe at spring clean-up we can repaint with sand for durability. 

-Road Sign. Mark does not have time to look into purchasing a sign. Ken will make it his winter project. 

FINANCIAL REPORT $14,400.00 in bank. Club events have all lost money. 

HALL RENTALS Last event was Thanksgiving week-end. Last 2 events were weddings one left the hall quite messy and dirty. Shannon used the whole $200.00 cleaning charge to get the hall clean. The 2nd wedding left the hall very clean, only took ½ the time to clean, $100.00 charged by Shannon of the $200.00 cleaning fee paid by vendor. Doug given the discretion to refund unused cleaning fee where merited. 

EVENTS REPORT We missed Turkey Bingo and had lots of inquiries about it and an offer to organize next year. 

-Christmas Potluck December 9 at 4pm Dinner at 5:00 We will encourage people to bring handmade gifts for display and sale. Terri will buy 2 turkeys about 15lbs each and see if Dana Plecas will cook them on his smoker bar-b-que. Club will provide mashed potatoes. 

-Sonja Peters asked about having badminton at hall. She was encouraged to go ahead and organize. 


SECURITY CAMERA Ken looked into cameras, there are some good deals available, he will purchase one at some point.

OUTHOUSE Russ attended a meeting at Whitevalley Parks and Recreation- they didn’t say NO to a new outhouse. Russ has purchased a tank, Ken and Russ will contact Carl Foisy to dig in the tank and place the outhouse on top.

CONSESSION WINDOW is a danger. Andrew has looking into replacing the wooden door with a roll up aluminium cover, estimates came in at $1,200.00 - $1,300.00. All agreed it should be done.

ELECTRICAL UPGRADES still need a light on covered deck for evening events. Ken will purchase a track light to install.

PROJECTOR Rick Fairbairn hinted that RDNO might have some money to purchase projector. Mark did offer his new projector, we’ll see if it works and if not see what RDNO comes up with. 

PHONE working well- long distance free for calls to Canada and continental US. 

OLD DISHWASHER sold on Kijiji for $75.00

BB HOOPS and backboards: Russ is working at getting rid of them.

SOUND SYSTEM Russ has looked into components and will look into pricing. Ardis commented that we need good quality equipment. Ardis make some inquiries to see what would work best for our purposes. 

INTERPRETIVE CENTRE Huguette still working on a budget and would like to make a presentation to board when it’s ready.

A caterer at an event commented that it would be nice to have a separate entrance into kitchen. If we had some movable panels we could make a wall from side door for privacy. Andrew will look into panels. 

AGM Set for April 17th, 2019

NEXT MEETING April 2nd 2019 at Doug’s.

Board Meeting 2018-08-07

Tue Aug 7, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd
Board meeting Minutes (unadopted)
Tuesday August 7, 2018, 7 PM at Doug & Kate's
Present Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins (Sec.), Andrew Miller (Chair), Doug Neill
Call to order 7:08
  1. Agenda – no changes

  2. Minutes of June 19 Meeting – motion to accept by Russ, 2nd by Ken.

  3. Pot Luck Dinner Discussion - Andrew to bring & BBQ 2 beef roasts.

  4. Reports

    • Maintenance Report - Ken
      • The pump will be installed in the new well on September 1. Mal Johnston will donate his time, with help from Ken and his wife Leta.
      • Carl Foisy has been engaged for the 31st of August to dig the trench required for connecting power and water between the Hall and the well. He'll be requested at the time to continue a shallow trench from the well to the large gazebo, in preparation for running electricity from the Hall to that gazebo.
      • Carl will also dig a hole at the location of the outhouse. Andrew will request funding for a waterproof tank for under the outhouse.
      • Russ will email Mark (absent) concerning what he has received about construction of new signage at Mabel Lake Rd and at the turn-off from Shuswap Falls Rd.
      • Someone has done "donuts" in the parking lot, spewing gravel everywhere. Upon recurrence of this problem the board will consider cameras (perhaps fake) mounted so as to (appear to) be able to record license plates.
      • Ken will draw up a small sign explaining how visitors should use the light inside the main door.
      • We require lighting and sound equipment for performances, such as Talent Night. Joe uses his own equipment and lends it for events. Russ has halogen photo studio lighting. But the Club should have its own sound equipment, and LED lighting. Russ will look into acquiring both.
    • Financial Report - Russ
      • $17.6K in the bank with unremarkable outstanding payables.
      • Burger Night #2 made a profit of $203.84; #1 had lost $221.45, so we're approximately break-even.
    • Rentals Report - Doug
      • A large wedding has just finished.
      • The Cadets are there tonight for the 3rd and last time this year.
      • Jam Camp starts Sunday coming, running until Friday (payment, including deposit, in the mail!).
      • No rentals then until September and October.
      • Some rental events host guests from out of town who would like to camp on site the evening prior to the event. Doug will discuss the insurance implications with Lisa Frey (the agent for Capri brokers, to whom we refer clients for their purchase of liability insurance). Until something more definitive, Doug will have discretion on his responses to this sort of request.
    • Events Report - Terri absent
  5. Old Business

    • The new commercial dishwasher was used and much appreciated by wedding event. 
    • Update of rental agreement “obligations of the tenant” has been completed in accordance with the changes suggested by Andrew at a meeting for that purpose in late July. Andrew (and others) to read the new Obligations and propose corrections.
    • Basketball Hoops disposition: Russ to post on Kijiji and Castanet.
    • Huguette (and Don Elzer) will present the Interpretation Centre proposal at the next board meeting, or earlier if it can be arranged.
    • Doug has purchased an electric mosquito 'zapper', which is generally considered ineffective given the numbers and provenance of the insects, and the limited duration of its possible use.
  6. Next meeting October 9 at Andrew & Ardis'.

  7. Adjournment 8:34.

Board Meeting 2018-06-28

Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Russ & Huguette's

130 Shuswap R Dr
Board meeting Minutes
Thursday June 28, 2018, 7 PM at Russ & Huguette's

This was a special meeting of the Board and interested members, to discuss the use of the Hall and Tolley Park as an Interpretive Centre to feature the flora and fauna of the area.



Board Meeting 2018-06-19

Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd
Board meeting Minutes
Tuesday June 19, 2018, 7 PM at Andrew & Ardis'
— 3rd meeting of new board following AGM 
Present: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling (Sec.), Mark Maksymiuk, Andrew Miller (Chair), Doug Neill
In Attendance: Ardis Laine
Call to order 7:++ 
  1. Agenda - no changes
  2. Minutes of May 15 meeting approved, motion to accept by Doug, 2nd by Ken.
  3. Reports:
    • Maintenance Report — Ken
      • New well almost finished. 53’ deep, 50 gal/min. RDNO would have liked it to be deeper but hit bedrock a 75’
      • Boys mowing are doing a good job, yard looks good.
      • Parking lot will be dug up again to run water lines from new well. Not sure when that will happen.
      • Need to put in a 220 volt plug for dishwasher, will ask Rainer and get him to put a switch by the door at the same time.
      • Warranty on dishwasher requires that their plumber install dishwasher. We shouldn’t need to buy their chemicals for cleaning, more environmentally friendly ones available.
      • Outhouse needs to be put back in place with necessary repairs to be made before hand.
    • Financial Report — Russ
      • June 15th Burger Night lost $221.45. Lots of alcohol left over and ½ of the burgers made are frozen for next time. 
    • Rental Report — Doug
      • No new rental requests.
      • Doug is still working on insurance. There are 2 parts to the insurance, ours and the renters. Lisa Frey at Capri has worked out a policy to make rentals easier. We’ll see what she has to say after speaking with the underwriter.
    • Events — Terri
      • Burger night was  attended, mosquitoes were ferocious. Ate inside, some new people attended.
      • Next burger night July 13.
      • 100-Mile Potluck set for August 18. Would Huguette consider organizing talent show again?
  4. Old Business

    • Well and parking lot discussed under maintenance.
    • Acoustic panels installed, still slight echo but sound is noticeably better.
    • Ken could still make concrete sign, but board thought wooden sign would be much less work. Mark to call sign makers to cost a replacement sign of similar size.
  5. New Business

    • Stumprancher: what is the purpose? Local interest. Name stays for now.
    • Logo? On hold.
    • Update of rental policy, re: “obligations of the tenant”. Updates needed on Rental Agreement.
    • Internet, phone needs to be turned on by each renter, still not sure how to deal with the wi-fi. Mark suggested changing plans, one for winter, one for summer.
    • Fire Preparedness: we’ll contact people on list Boyd compiled to see if they agree to share contact info.
    • Concession window: dangerous, needs to be fixed before it falls on someone.
    • Basketball Hoops: what to do with them? Russ will contact WVCC.
    • Audio-visual: Mark has a “new in the box” HD projector he is willing to donate to the hall.
    • Bathroom repaint: since stipple has been done, the ceiling could be repainted but not critical. Ken will adjust stall door.
    • Grant Money: Huguette applied for grant from Monashee Arts Council and received $1,500.00 to go towards preparing a plan for an Interpretive Centre. Huguette has provided a draft of the fauna and flora to be displayed at the Mabel Lake Community Hall’s Interpretive Centre. We could hire a consultant to make a plan which would allow us to apply for more grant money.
  6. Odds & Ends

    • Camper on Shuswap Falls Road, seems to be living there, Rick Fairbairn is looking into it.

  7. Next meeting August 7 at Doug's.

  8. Adjournment at 8:52

Board Meeting 2018-05-15

Tue May 15, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd
MLCC Board meeting Minutes
Tuesday May 15, 2018, 7 PM at Doug & Kate's
— 2nd meeting of new board following AGM 

In attendance: Ken, Russ, Terri, Andrew, Doug

Doug moved to accept minutes of April 24 meeting, with amendments, Ken 2nd

SPRING CLEAN-UP: went well, poor attendance. First time on a Saturday and short notice. Grounds were cleaned, lawn cut. Huguette stained gazebo, Doug did inventory on dishes, numbers good. Ken cleaned gutters and replaced broken section. Should we consider setting date for clean-up prior to AGM next year? 


Internet Dish Installation: All set up and working. Password will not be given to renters until board establishes a policy re: data use. Russ action: Think of options for renters.

Parking Lot Grading and Gravel: Gravel should be arriving soon, Ken worked hard to get lot leveled. Removed some trees and graded for drainage. 

Well Progress: No news from Tannis to date but confidence is high the new well will be drilled this year.

Accoustics: Andrew got 2 quotes from Eon recording, attached, Andrew thinks 2nd quote with fabric covered fibreglass will be most suitable. A discount is offered if we provide helpers, we’ll see who is available when the time comes. Terri moves to accept quote 2, Ken 2nd.

Burger Night: Set for June 15, discussed whether we should change hall functions if there is a conflict with a rental. Depends if the community event has been advertised. Terri asked the question is the hall for community events or for renting? Action Terri to get liquor licence and contact Echo Valley re burger. Will ask Andrew and Ardis to purchase liquor. 


Dishwasher Replacement: Andrew got estimate for commercial machine, attached, seems to fit our requirements. Russ moved we order commercial dishwasher, Doug 2nd.


Maintenance Report: Lawn moving Contract, no one has applied to date, we’ll stick with the advertised wage of $15/hr and Ken will use his discretion depending on situation. Some of the snow stops were damaged with the winter snow load but don’t need replacing. Pigeons moving in to porch. Russ has some tack board to put up to deter birds from roosting eaves.

Financial Report: $27,000.00 +/- in bank. We’ll be down to approximately $14,000.00 after expenses approved tonight. 

Rentals Report: 2 new rentals, Doug still learning process but its going well, getting lots on interest. Discounts to community members and youth groups. Renter Insurance is becoming an issue. Village no longer offers policy and different companies expensive. Ken will call Lynne Frerichs from Cherryville and see what they do. 

Events Report: Nothing to report

Odds and Ends

Septic Tank pumped looked really good. Terri will check with Celina to see when they pumped it last.

MLCC sign on road: Ken waiting to hear from Mark re metal sign if that’s not a go we’ll buy a sign. 

No camping signs will go up after gravel laid

No fire signs will go up. We’ll remove fire pit to discourage fires

Firefighting course offered May 26 being facilitated by MLCC

Hydro’s letter in response to Joe’s letter, our obligation has been fulfilled. Russ will talk to Lee Hesketh

Basketball nets will come down. They can be put up outside and we can get a portable one for inside the hall if there is a demand. 

Email Voting. Need to apply discretion on making motions. Motions should not be made by email but general discussions can be made by email. 

Outhouse will be replaced after determining a suitable location. 

Next Meeting June 19th at Andrews.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48.




Board Meeting 2018-04-24

Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd
MLCC Board meeting Agenda
Tuesday April 24, 2018, 7 PM at Andrew & Ardis'
— 1st meeting of new board following AGM 
Chair: TBA, Secretary: TBA.
Present: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill
  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes of March meeting, moved by Mark, Doug 2nd


Future of our Valley: Re White Paper out of UBCM regarding farm practices. White paper will be presented to Coldstream and Armstrong for comment and then go back to the next UBCM in the fall. Huguette would like to see action sooner. Since MLCC is not being asked to do anything Doug moved we remain siezed of action until such time as more support is needed. Andrew 2nd.

Accoustics: Andrew will find a professional to get an opinion to improve sound in the hall



- Marco has finished putting roof on gazebo. Ken will set up gutter to stop rain from falling where the steps are.

- Gravel in parking lot: Andrew moved we not wait for the well, Doug 2nd. Ken will contact Len to level the parking lot and bring in the gravel while the ground is still soft. 

- Internet: John Minor will install dish on the hall, not on a post. Ken and Russ will figure out where modem and router will go. 

- Sign on Road: Ken would like to make a concrete sign that will last a long time to replace existing sign. Such a sign requires a lot of work and Ken short on time. Mark would like to see the plans and maybe he can help. He will contact a company he used to work with to see if they could Auto Cad the form. 

No Camping Signs: Ken has the signs they need to go up. Discussed the option to mention Camping permitted with rental. Terri and Doug opposed to that idea, feel we should not encourage camping. 

Lawn mowing: Russ will contact Troy and see if he is willing to continue mowing again this year.


- Russ reported Finances in good shape. We’ve received our $10,000.00 grant for the year. 


- Doug reported the interest in Rentals are picking up. Only one Sunday available in August. 


- no club events to report on, set a date for the 1st Burger Night. June 15. Doug suggested we try to strike a Social Committee that would plan and organize social events and report to directors but not be required to attend board meetings. Will advertise in the next Stump Rancher. 


- Communications discussed in Maintenance, Huguette is willing to continue preparing the Stump Rancher for the time being. 


Terri reported the update to the criteria for awarding our bursary. “A student living within the MLCC boundaries (Rawlings Lake Road to Mabel Lake) who has participated in club events and is pursuing further education. Proof of registration is still required before the money is received by the student. The new criteria allows for students living in the valley but attending schools in Vernon to qualify. 

FIREFIGHTING COURSE: Doug will contact Craig Moore about the S100 and S185 Course and try to figure out a date he could give the course and then we will have it advertised to get the numbers required for attendance. Participants should pre-register so we know we have enough people to hold the course. 


President – Andrew Miller has offered to be president
Vice- President – vacant Terri took position of Secretary 
Treasurer – Russ Collins for 1 more year
Hall Maintenance – Ken Caldwell
Hall Rentals – Doug Neill
Communications – vacant Huguette will help until replaced
Directors without portfolio – Joe Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk

Russ moved, Terri 2nd that Rita Romei be removed as financial signatory at Valley First Credit Union and Mark Maksymiuk be added.

NEW BUSINESS: No new business

VARIA: Constitution changes for new Society Act. Russ is plugging away at the constitution to make it more relevant. He will continue to ask for our input. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 Next meeting May 15 at Doug’s.


Annual General Meeting 2018

Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:30 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Craig Moore
April 18, 2018
for fiscal year-end 2018-04-30

7:00—7:20 Presentation: Wild Fire Prevention by Craig Moore

Prior to the official commencement of AGM business, Craig Moore presented the type of fire prevention training that is available to communities, specifying that as long as we get a minimum of 10 participants we could organize a one day course at the hall for half the regular price of $150/participant.

This course would be hands on and teach us how to make our homes and community fire smart. Craig also suggested that the club work on getting grants, since many are available to fire smart communities. Such grants could go a long way towards equipping the community with tools to avoid and/or combat wild fires effectively.

Joe Deuling then informed us that we already have a list of community residents along with phone numbers. MLCC will put a note in the next Stump Rancher for everyone who is not sure they are on the list to send us their coordinates.

AGM: Call to order: 7:20

Chair: Rita Romei   Secretary: Huguette Allen

In attendance:
Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling, Joe Deuling, Mark Hesketh, Jim Hewer, Steve Hewer, Heidi Lang, Helmut Lang, Mark Maksymiuk, Andrew Miller, Craig Moore, Doug Neill, Kate Neill, Sonja Peters, Julie Pilon, Justin Prebushuski, LeRoy Procter, Randy Rauck, Steven Richter, Rita Romei.

1. Approval of Agenda

Moved and seconded by Kate Neill and Heidi Lang to accept the agenda as presented.


2. Approval of Minutes of 2017 AGM:

Moved and seconded by Russ Collins and Joe Deuling to accept the minutes of the 2017 AGM as presented.


3. Reports & Feedback:

President's Report

Rita Romei informed members that much had occurred over the last year including well attended events and significant improvements to the hall but that unfortunately the well issue was still outstanding despite the best efforts of the board. She mentioned how rentals had continued even though board members had to make up for the lack of drinking water and congratulated the board on their significant achievements.

She then noted that according to the latest information from our RDNO contact that a well wlll likely be dug beginning at the end of April.

Helmut Lang said ??????

Moved and seconded by Huguette Allen and Sonja Peters to accept the president's report as presented.

Financial Report: 

Printed copies of the financial report were made available to members and Russ Collins explained the numbers and made himself available for questions. He mentioned that some of the expenses are different from Cherryville's because the Mabel Lake club does not own the building unlike Cherryville's.

Moved and seconded by Russ Collins and Kate Neill to accept the 2017 financial report as presented.


4. Water Concerns and Provincial Plans for Rural Areas

4.1: Shuswap River Motorized Vessel Regulations:

Huguette Allen reported that all who participated in the Shuswap River Motorized Vessel regulation process had attended numerous meetings in order to finally reach consensus by the deadline set by RDNO. However after presenting our recommendations to RDNO we were told that RDNO, who is committed to having a conversation with both First Nations regarding the process and management options, is now meeting with both the OKIB and the Splatsin so they can discuss and hopefully come to an agreement.

4.2: BC Hydro Operations of Sugar Lake Dam: 

Then Huguette read a request by Leroy Procter for “a BCHydro Official to meet with the Mabel LakeCommunity Club to review the operations at Sugar Lake Dam regarding elevations, flow, when stop blocks were put in, gates open or shut, flow at Wilsey Dam, CF per Sec. during 2017 for May, June & July and to please illustrate on a white board.”

Moved and seconded by Jim Hewer and Leroy Procter that MLCC organize an information meeting with BC Hydro & also invite fisheries, First Nations and other stakeholders as soon as possible and certainly before mid May. 


4.3: Provincial Plans for Rural Areas:

As a follow up to the evening held at the hall on the “Future of Our Valley” where problems stemming from industrial agriculture were discussed, Huguette reported that there is finally something positive happening that will allow everyone who wants to see water and rural communities protected to finally stand behind a movement rather than continually have to fight the status quo.

At the last UBCM, the communities most affected by the current lack of protection offered by the current “Right to Farm Act”, Spallumcheen where a whole aquifer was polluted by factory farming leaving hundreds of people without drinking water for years, and Coldstream where industrial orchard methods disrupt animal and people's health and affect other farming businesses, have gotten together with other communities and developed a “White Paper” (see attached) defining problems and proposed solutions that could be used to modernize the Right to Farm Act. 

The paper was made available for anyone to look at it, thanks to Julie Pilon who had brought a printed copy and Huguette mentioned it was available online. She then encouraged everyone to look at it so that the community could eventually give feedback on it.

Plans for the coming year:

Rita spoke of how attendance at the club had changed over the years and how members need new ways to get involved. She then said that one of those ways could include developing an interpretive centre as part of the hall and the park. She mentioned the club was beginning to work on how it might look and invited members to contribute ideas.

Rita then spoke about how the acoustics of the hall needed to be improved and that this might involve getting rid of the basketball hoops asking if anyone had objections or ideas. A couple of ideas were presented such as building a mezzanine like at Cherryville and consulting an acoustic expert.

Russ then informed members that in addition to a new well being dug, Internet would soon be installed at the hall and that some of the preliminary work might occur at the Spring Cleanup which was set up for May 12. 

5. Elections of officers:

Among existing board members, Huguette Allen, Russ Collins, Rita Romei and Joe Deuling, were up for re-election. 

Huguette Allen and Rita Romei both indicated they would not accept nominations for this election.
6. Moved and seconded by Huguette Allen and Terri Deuling to re-elect Joe Deuling and Russ Collins and to elect Mark Maksymiuk as a new board member


7. Moved and seconded by Jim Hewer and Doug Neill to adjourn at 8:20



Board Meeting 2018-03-21

Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd

MLCC Board meeting MINUTES (unadopted)
Wednesday March 21, 2018, 7:00pm at Andrew and Ardis' home.

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.

In attendance: Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Rita Romei. 

1. Approval of Agenda: 

Moved and seconded by Doug and Rita to accept the agenda as presented.


2. Approval of Minutes of January 24 meeting:

Moved and seconded by Rita and Andrew to accept the minutes with the following modification: 


3Follow up from the January 24 meeting and subsequent email communications:

  • Russ called Tannis about the $3,000 invoice that was sent to RDNO, who said it would come with other monies. Russ will follow up again as the final budget is approved.

  • Terri said that Cathy didn't think that lowering the ceiling would work because of the age of the hall. 

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Terri to postpone further discussion until the AGM dialogue regarding how the hall will be used in the future and to then let the new board determine how to fix the hall acoustics.


  • Rita will forward email from Tannis re: water supply, dishwasher et al.

  • Terri will make sure that scholarship applications are at Charles Bloom and VSS shortlyCharles Bloom's nomination are on April 11 while VSS's is not yet known.

  • Huguette will put up the Fish art display sign before the AGM.

  • Russ will install keyboard at the hall.

  • Russ will present the major changes to the constitution at the AGM and research whether there is any accountability issue.

4. Reports

  1. Maintenance: Ken reported that since our hydro bills started going up in June and Hydro had warned us that our use was excessively increasing he and Russ looked into the cause and found that a huge drain is coming from the pump. Tannis suggested we put a new pump and later put it in new well but this may not work due to whether we get a shallow or deep well. Meanwhile the pump is turned off and renters will be instructed how and when to turn it on and off. Rita or Ken will follow up with Tannis regarding whether the board might take over the hall. 

  2. Treasurer: Russ reported that we have $17,500 in the bank and that some has to go back as deposit for rent. As well, $1,959 was paid for insurance, $321 for 2 months of Hydro which is entirely due to the running of the pump. Internet will be installed once we get the needed post either from Ken or Home Depot and then all we'll need is to dig a trench to the hall which should be done during the Spring Cleanup. The cost is estimated at $70/month which will include Telus voice for one year. We will need to develop a policy so that there is no streaming of movies.

  3. Rentals: Doug reported that Rachel Lowe (Rangers) rented for one night, that Charles will also rent for a camp, and there will be two weddings, one in July, one in October.

  4. Sports: n/a

  5. Events: The upcoming AGM is discussed below.

  6. Promotion and Communications: Huguette will get SR out soon announcing the AGM.

  7. Overall MLCC ReportKen and Rita will work together to make a new sign for the hall that allows sliding in of current announcements.

5. Upcoming Events

  1. AGM: April 18thThe agenda will include information on Wild Fire prevention, a review of the past year's achievements, a discussion on how the hall is to be used in the future, and elections of officers.

  2. Spring Cleanup. TBD at the AGM

6. New Business: N/A

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: AGM April 18 at 6:30 doors open and begins at 7.

9. Adjournment: Moved and seconded by Terri and Doug to adjourn at 8:40pm.


Board Meeting 2018-01-24

Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd

MLCC Board meeting MINUTES (unadopted)
Wednesday January 24, 2018, 7 PM at Doug and Kate's.

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Russ Collins.
Present: Joe Deuling, Terri Deuling, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill
  1. Approval of Agenda Doug / Terri
  2. Approval of Minutes of November 7, 2017 Terri / Doug
    Approval of Minutes of August Meeting Doug / Terri
    1. Capital expenses invoice not yet paid - Russ to follow up with Tannis, consistent with email forwarded by Rita (see below).
    2. Hydro bill … Russ will email board with report
  3. Follow up from November Meetings and Emails:
    1. Rental price comparisons: Doug
      No changes recommended:
      1. we offer prices comparable to similar venues
      2. we are not eager for more rentals
      3. we have flexibility in our pricing
        Russ to increase size of text offering discounted member prices, and link to a definition of membership.
    2. The future of our Valley follow up
      1. Motion: that Joe write a letter to RDNO requesting bylaws limiting a) temporary farm workers and b) axle weight. Joe / Russ
    3. Hall acoustics
      1. Andrew would like to see a drop ceiling installed.
        Motion: to announce (Stump Rancher, Web Site) possible changes to the Hall removing gymnasium aspects for discussion at the AGM. Russ / Andrew.
      2. Motion: to contact Ross Marshall on advice on acoustics. Rita / Terri will talk to Cathy.
  4. Reports
    1. Maintenance Report — Ken absent;
      Rita to forward email from Tannis re water supply, dishwasher et al.
    2. Financial Report — Russ
      $19,777.68 in bank; Xmas Potluck expenses & net loss $203.52. 
    3. Rentals Report —Doug
      Charles Reuchel booked 2 days in July; 1 new request registered.
      It is emphasized that renters must show proof of liquor license if they will supply liquor.
    4. Sport Reports — n/a.
    5. Events Report — Terri
    6. Promotion and Communications: Huguette absent;
      No S.R. soon because no events (e.g. Cabin Fever Dance).
    7. Overall MLCC Report: Rita
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. AGM
      Date set: Wed. Apr 18, 6:30pm.
    2. Clean-up deferred until after AGM & new Board.
  6. New Business
    1. Scholarship criteria and selection
      Terri will contact CBSS and/or school District to see current application vis-a-vis restriction to Mabel Lake Valley residence, and to find how a non-CBSS student could apply.
      It was unanimous that only MLCC catchment residents may apply, but that school attended may be other than CBSS.
      It was unanimous that should there not be enough students applying or acceptable one year, the money could be given the following year instead, with the restriction that no bursary would exceed the limit (currently $500).
    2. Plaque for the fish hanging and quilts to hang
      Huguette is authorized to proceed with a plaque suitable for this artwork, consistent with its being on loan and not owned by the MLCC.
      No decision about how or whether to proceed with quilts.
  7. Varia
    1. Russ will supply an electronic piano for the next musical event, and leave it on site thenceforth. We need ideas as to how to protect it from damage.
    2. Russ will email directors with the outstanding Constitution by-laws, dividing them amongst us for modification and correction prior to the November 2018 deadline.
    3. It was agreed to add text to the rental sign at the Hall so that it is clear that camping is permitted to renters, despite the "No Camping" signs in evidence.
    4. With over $100 per month telephone bill, and the telephone often being used for long distance, we should look into internet instead. Russ to check with Xplornet (et al.?).
  8. NEXT Board MEETING — Mar 21 7:00pm Andrew & Ardis
  9. Adjournment — 8:53pm

Board Meeting 2017-11-07

Tue Nov 7, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd

MLCC Board meeting Minutes
Tuesday November 7, 7:00 PM at Doug and Kate Neill's place.

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen. Call to order: 7:20

In attendance: Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling, Doug Neill, Rita Romei.

1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to accept the agenda as presented.


2. Approval of Minutes of July 26, August 21, and September 22 meetings:

2.1. Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to accept the minutes of July 26 as read by Huguette.  CARRIED.

2.2. Moved and seconded by Ken and Russ to accept the minutes of September 22 as read by Huguette.  CARRIED.

The minutes of August 21 were not available. Rita and Terri both agreed to look for them and send them to Huguette to be formatted and presented at the next meeting.

3. Follow up from July 26 and September 22 Meetings.

3.1. Contract clarifications – After a short discussion on the difficulty and time requirements related to doing inventories after each rental, it was moved by Rita and seconded by Doug that we schedule a full kitchen inventory during spring cleanup and update contract documents accordingly


Russ also agreed to update the website with information regarding how to find and hire DJs.

3.2. Flat Fee for cleaner – After weighing the pros and cons it was moved by Russ and seconded by Ken to continue paying our cleaner an hourly wage since it saves MLCC money and allows us the flexibility to hire when needed for larger cleanups and to give reduced rates to friends of the hall


3.3. Rental Advertising - Huguette put two ads in LVT and advertised on FB but did not contact groups yet. Directors wonder whether our price increases are responsible at least in part for our lower rentals. It was moved by Huguette and seconded by Doug that Doug do a comparison among similar venues such as Cherryville's, Okanagan Centre, Kingfisher, Oyama, and then present his findings to the board


3.4. Receipts of hall improvements – Russ sent Tannis an invoice for just under $3,000 which was the amount Tannis had mentioned would be available.

3.5. Speakers and dishwasher for the hall - Russ has started looking into speakers but needs to talk more with Joe about it and will get back to the board closer to Summer. Rita has looked into dishwashers and found a commercial under the counter dishwasher that is not only a sanitizer and costs around $4,500 to $5,000 before installation. It will be stated as a priority in our wish list since Tannis agreed this was definitely needed.

3.6. Floor refinishing – Ken mentioned that the hall floor has many years left and that he has sanded and refinished the spots that were in need of touch up. Russ will tell Shannon to be sure to let us know of anything that needs doing.

3.7 - Campfire ban signs Huguette contacted Tony Clayton who said they paid to get theirs done. Rita will ask Tannis if RDNO can provide some otherwise we'll get 3 done next Spring.

4. Reports

4.1. - Maintenance Report – Ken suggest we wait till after frost for gravel and then get it levelled as we also fill in the area where it washed out last year. Rita will ask Tannis who is responsible for the road.

Ken also replaced the furnace filters and suggests putting a roof over the stairs of the gazebo in the spring as well as railings.

LED replacements have been ordered for outside deck lights as well as a track light. The motion sensor light that has been installed at the door is not working for us so we will need a switch installed. The snow stops are all done as are the mechanisms on bathroom doors.

Here is our Wish List in priority order:

  1. hand railing on gazebos’ stairs

  2. roof over big gazebo stairs

  3. Dishwasher

  4. Deck lighting

  5. light switch at the front door

  6. gravel on parking lot and at the end of the wheelchair ramp

  7. repainting of bathroom & stipple

  8. repainting hall walls and wainscotting

  9. concession window

4.2 -Financial Report – Russ reports that we have $21,776. in the bank and that our outstanding payables bring it down to $20,737. We also have $3,000 receivables from RDNO giving us a balance of around $23,000.

Doug asked about the source of the large hydro bill - $223.85 for 3 months which was 41% more than last year when we had very few rentals. It could be a meter reading issue or perhaps people plugging into our power? We all agreed to make sure that breakers will be used to turn off our power when not needed.

4.3 - Rentals Report : nothing to report for now – Total rentals since April 1st are $1,834.84 after expenses.

4.4 - Sport Reports: n/a

4.5 - Events Report: River cleanup cost us $125. Rita mentioned it might be best if done earlier in the year but it proves problematic for Charles.

4.6 - Promotion and Communications:

Huguette reported that Carla Vierke is willing to donate a large artistic salmon screen to the hall so that we can use it as part of our interpretive activities. She and Huguette will bring it to the hall soon so we can decide where and how to display it. The artist who created it has agreed to send us information about the fish life portrayed on it.

Huguette also reported the information and warnings shared by Lavington and Coldstream residents and group representatives at the October SENS meeting. The most important statements they made are that once one of these industrial orchards start in a community, there is nothing that can be done to stop them so that people have to live with the noise and pollution or move away without selling their place because no one wants to buy near these industries. They said that owners are always on the lookout for cheap land and that we would be well advised to act soon. They proposed some motions we could try and get passed that might deter them from coming in this area. There are precedents for the motions proposed.

After discussing how this might affect us it was agreed that since a vineyard now exists in Cherryville it is not unlikely that land with southern exposure would be used for such industries here and that if this were the case it would negatively affect current farming operations and the rural atmosphere of the valley.

It was decided that MLCC should share this information with our members by inviting group representatives to the hall so our members can hear the information, ask questions and discuss how we see our community's future. Huguette has agreed to send everyone a blurb that will be inserted in the next Stump Rancher prior to the meeting date everyone agreed on which was Tuesday November 28 but has since been changed to Monday November 27.

4.7 - Overall MLCC Report - nothing to report.

5. Upcoming Events

5.1 Christmas Potluck and Carols. Sunday Dec 3 sunday - 3:30 to 7. We will again ask people to bring things they make and Huguette will ask Ardis to organize the carols. Terri will buy and cook the turkeys.

6. New Business: Nothing to report.

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: Wednesday Jan 17th 2018 at Doug and Kate's house.

9. Adjournment: Moved and seconded by Huguette and Doug to adjourn at 10:15 PM.  CARRIED

Board Meeting 2017-09-22

Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

MLCC Board meeting Minutes
Friday, September 22, 1:00 PM at the Hall

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen. 

Call to order: 1:15pm

In attendance: Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling (1:45pm), Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Rita Romei
Tannis Nelson - RDNO
  1. Approval of Agenda: Andrew and Ken
  2. Approval of Minutes of July 26 meeting and August 21 meeting: postponed until next meeting
  3. Follow up from July 26 Meeting - postponed until next meeting
    1. Contract clarifications
    2. Flat Fee for Shannon
    3. Rentals Advert
    4. Campfire ban signs
    5. Hall coordination
  4. Reports: postponed until next meeting
    1. Maintenance Report
    2. Financial Report
    3. Rentals Report
    4. Sport Reports: n/a
    5. Events Report
    6. Promotion and Communications
    7. Overall MLCC Report
  5. Tour of the Facilities and discussion of Improvements and Well with Tannis
    1. Balcony exterior electrical outlets
    2. Storage room floor, locked cupboards, paint
    3. Washroom ceilings
    4. Kitchen stove hoods, microwave shelf

    Money has been budgeted at the R.D. for these repairs already done. Russ is to email Tannis requesting the amount, and then to send an invoice detailing with receipts the costs totalling that amount.

    The Hall's UV filtration was installed about 2012. IHA has been going through all communities' water systems and plans need to be in place to bring them up to standards (we're considered community water system and the well of type GARP).
    Engineers charged $3000 for advice, which was that $60,000 be spent to upgrade our $35,000 system.
    Tannis views this amount as justification to reject the engineering advice, and has already contracted the hydrologist working on Whitevale. Ken is permitted to hire the actual well diggers.
    Ken estimates $8000 drilling to determine if good water can be accessed. If tests show good water, another $8000 approximately would be spent to pipe it into the Hall in place of the existing supply. If no good water is found with drilling, we have the option to install a cistern and to truck in water.w
  6. Cherryville floor refiinishing cost $5,700 and they are very happy.
  7. Camping permits: signs have been produced (NORD) to indicate that overnight camping is not permitted in Tolley Park. Many locals apparently believe that 'no camping' implies that those attending rental or club events in which alcohol is consumed must afterward vacate the premises even though they should not drive. We need to consolidate a policy regarding overnight camping and formulate wording to append to the signs.
  8. Upcoming Events
    September 26: Cherryville class at the hall for River Information Session
    October 4: Turkey Bingo.
    October 7: River Cleanup and Potluck.
    December 2: Christmas Potluck & Carols.
  9. Money is available from NORD for further capital investment. We'll send a prioritized wishlist, with budgetary prices (Russ to look at speakers, Rita and Terri dishwasher, ...).
  10. Varia:
    In the next Stump Rancher – Upcoming Events and RDNO water decision re boats.
  11. Next Board meeting: November 15 – 7:00pm – Doug's place
  12. Adjournment 3:00pm

Board Meeting 2017-08-08

Tue Aug 8, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd

Preparations for 100-mile Potluck & Talent

Board Meeting 2017-07-26

Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd
MLCC Board meeting Agenda
Wednesday July 26, 7:00 at Andrew's and Ardis's place

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.

Call to order: 7:20

In attendance: Terri Deuling, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Huguette Allen, Rita Romei, Russ Collins. Guest: Ardis Miller.

1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved and seconded by Andrew and Doug to accept the agenda as presented. CARRIED.

2. Approval of Minutes of May 24 meeting:

Moved and seconded by Terri and Doug to accept the minutes as read by Huguette. CARRIED.

3. Follow up from May 24 Meeting

  1. Hall inventory – after discussing the queries made by renters and the problems that having an inventory that is different from the stated hall capacity of 166, it was Moved and seconded by Rita and Andrew that we adjust the contracts to clarify that although the hall has 166 capacity our place settings are for 150, that we further encourage people to review the available cooking utensils and bring their own if they so wish, and that we direct potential renters to the chamber of commerce for lists of DJs and caterers. CARRIED

  2. A discussion about a youth board member resulted in the board deciding to pursue this at the next AGM rather than try to do it now.

  3. Currently the contract cleaner is billing us per hour which presents a problem since we charge a flat fee to renters so it was agreed that Russ speaks to Shannon to propose she be paid a flat fee instead of an hourly fee.

  4. A discussion about the hourly charge for cleaning prior to staining resulted in the board agreeing that Rita should charge 6 hours @ $15/hour to the hall by Rita and 10 hours @ $15/hour will be charged to the wedding party.

  5. River cleanup day – Huguette will contact Charles to see how the hall could contribute to the next river cleanup day and bring it back to the board for discussion.

  6. Logo design was tabled.

4. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Russ reported that the gravel has not been done and is planned for when Ken gets back.

Ken Ingram has scheduled to do the dry walling work on august 3rd.

  1. Financial Report: We have received our $10,000 from RDNO which means we now have around $27,500 in the bank.

  2. Rentals Report: Cadets were at the hall and will come again twice in August.
    We just had a wedding and will have one more in August.
    It was decided that we promote rentals so Huguette will put it on FB sites and ask previous renters to also promote it to their groups. As well Doug proposed that we also promote it to environmental organizations for conferences and such. As well we will advertise it in the Lumby Times.

  3. Sport Reports: n/a

  4. Events Report: The last Burger night was packed . Almost no one showed up until about 6 but then so many people showed up that we had to make more burgers.

  5. Promotion and Communications: Huguette is to call forestry and ask to get campfire bans signs all around the hall. The next Stump Rancher will have an article on how to live with wildlife.

  6. Overall MLCC Report: Nothing to report.

5. Upcoming Events:

The potluck is now planned for August 26 instead of the 12 as previously advertised in the SR which means we will hold the Fall Fair on September 17. Both will be advertised in the next SR.

Huguette will also talk with Doug Jones about whether he can help with the lighting on the deck.

6. New Business:

7. Varia: Rita pointed out that she and Russ were still doing most of the hall coordination including purchasing needed articles and proposed that the directors sharing the position begin to take over. Andrew agreed to do purchasing as long as he gets a list of needed items while Doug will continue to handle rentals as much as he can.


9. Adjournment: 9:00

Board Meeting 2017-05-24

Wed May 24, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Russ & Huguette's

130 Shuswap R Dr
MLCC Board meeting Minutes
Wednesday May 24, 7:00 at Russ and Huguette's place.

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen. Call to order: 7:20

In attendance: Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling.

1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to accept the agenda as presented. CARRIED.

2. Approval of Minutes of April 10 meeting:

Huguette read them and the addition of "and rentals" to cleaning plans was suggested by Rita and approved by everyone. Andrew mentioned minutes should always be sent prior to meetings which Huguette said she thought they were but it seems not everyone got them.

Moved and seconded by Russ and Rita to accept minutes as read and corrected above: CARRIED.

3. Follow up from April 10 Meeting

  1. Rental Process Meeting among Russ, Andrew and Doug - was postponed due to Russ's health issues and will be rescheduled by Russ. All board members will be notified and invited to attend.

  2. Community Pride hall inventory assessment for insurance purposes: Russ made an application but has not heard back but will follow up.

  3. Chlorination talk with Tannis: Ken - Andrew says that there is a system that chlorinates then removes the chlorine that costs about $3000, and suggested this be shared with Tannis.

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Doug that Ken emails Tannis to clearly state the type of systems we would prefer and then give a deadline to RDNO. The email to Tannis should be copied to all directors CARRIED.

  1. Youth board member info: Russ reports that the society act says youth director has to be at least 16 and that the majority of directors must be over 16. This applies by Nov 28 2018 when the new society act comes into effect so we must add it to our bylaws by then.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to publish the contribution that a youth representative would bring to the board in the Stump Rancher and the website by July CARRIED.

  1. Contract cleaner and cleaning fees: the contract was signed by Shannon.

  2. River cleanup day. Tabled

  3. Changes to the constitution – youth director changes will be made before November.

  4. Logo design mods and/or adoption: Rita talked to Alvin and was sent a WIP that Rita will rework to make it brighter, more visible and once done will contact Alvin again.

4. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Ken got a $600 quote from Len for the gravel. Terri will find out if a worker she knows could work on the roof since Rob seems too busy to accommodate our schedule.

  2. Financial Report: Rita reported that she got $800 for the liquor she brought back which changes the April fool dance revenues from minus $600 to plus $200. Russ reports that we have $19081.90 in cash in the bank and that there is $10,000 to come from RDNO and more from rentals.

  3. Rentals Report: Sub committee members. We have about $2,000 in rentals booked for this year versus $3,500 last year.

  4. Sport Reports: n/a

  5. Events Report: Terri said she has gone over the leftover alcohol procedures re: PST and that after doing it we did get money back. Terri will need the receipts from Rita.

  6. Promotion and Communications: Huguette.- next SR to come out next week advertising Burger night, sports' night requests? Dennis Richardson will be talked about regarding his excellent service in removing a large birch tree free of charge. We will also put an ad in for him in the June Stump Rancher.

  7. Overall MLCC Report: Rita had nothing more to report.

5. Upcoming Events:

  1. Add goals or objectives to events to stimulate more interest? Tabled for discussion.

  2. Upcoming event – Burger night / Rita will bring condiments, Terri already got the liquor licence and will get burgers from Maureen, Huguette will bring mint. We will specify in the SR that we will talk about the boat regulations during the evening and invite people to come talk about it with us and give ideas about what else we could do to protect the river. Prices were discussed and given the small profit made last year all agreed we should leave the prices as they are. We will also ask for volunteers to help make vegeburgers and hamburgers on Thursday at 5 PM at the hall, or to show up on the Friday at 4 pm to help set up, or to stay a little later to help clean up.

    Last year's 100 mile potluck was on August 12 so we will likely plan it for around the same date.

6. New Business:

Thoughts about our new role: Huguette relayed that she sent information to the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program regarding MLCC's hope to have an interpretive centre at the park in the hope of getting funds to get started. Rita mentioned that a family member had volunteered to help us write grants in the future.

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: Wednesday July 26th at Andrew's and Ardis's place.

9. Adjournment: 9:05 PM.

Board Meeting 2017-04-10

Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

MLCC Board meeting AGENDA

Monday April 10, 7:00 PM at the hall


Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.


1. Approval of Agenda: terri and doug


2. Approval of Minutes of February 28 meeting. correct and send back to email

  1. Welcome to new board members and discussion of vacant positions.

  2. motion that russ hand over the rental to Doug and Andrew within next month: Huguette and Rita

  3. motion for huguette to put in SR that we're letting it go until someone lets us know Huguette and Rita

  4. Motion that Russ or huguette find out issues related to yoouth board members with a view to establishing a position on the board doug and huguette


4. Follow up from February 28 Meeting and AGM:

  1. Review of our Wish List.

    1. Motion that we offer to those doing commercial services for us one ad and a write up russ and ken

    2. terri to call brian gray and tell ken

  2. Decision about dishwasher or freezers, thermometers, bleach, posters, reports to IHA, - ALL TAKEN CARE OF – PICTURE SENT TO IHA - RDNO and the proposed well. KEN GOT RESPONSE FROM TANNIS -



  1. Community Pride hall inventory assessment for insurance purposes - RUSS NEEDS TO DO APPLICATION

  2. Web content update courses. - NOT MANY PEOPLE -

  3. Contract cleaner and cleaning fees. - SHANNON COLLINS WAS TRIED – SPOTLESS -


  1. River cleanup day.

  2. Changes to the constitution to be presented at April cleanup? WE WON'T

  3. Logo design mods and/or adoption – TABLED



4. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Ken


  2. Financial Report: Russ.
    about $19K disposable funds in VF CU.
    April 1 Dance loss of ~ $600, but will be recouped by return of liquor.

  3. Rentals Report: Sub committee members.

  4. Sport Reports: n/a

  5. Events Report: Terri - also leftover alcohol procedures.

  6. Promotion and Communications: Huguette.

  7. Overall MLCC Report: Rita.

5. Upcoming Events

  1. Add goals or objectives to events to stimulate more interest? (Rita)

  2. Upcoming event - Spring Cleanup scheduled for Sunday April 30th.

    1. burger nights – june 2, july 7th, Aug 12th 100 mile potluck & talent night

    2. fall fair sept 10th / turkey bingo oct 4th / halloween dance 28 oct / dec 2nd christmas carols and dinners

  3. Bursaries - presentation procedures

6. New Business:

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: May 17

9. Adjournment: 9:20 / rita and terri

Wish List:

*Indicates a priority, either listed within the site review from the RDNO, or is a safety concern

1, 2 Install Range Hoods in the Kitchen *moving counters and reconstruction of counter top to accommodate range hood(s)  DONE

3, 4 As a result (while a electrician is there) this may be the best time to have new light switches placed near the front doors for the hall lights and wiring done for a commercial dishwasher  on hold until dishs=washer decision is made -

5 cement pad/landing at the end of the wheelchair ramp needs to be properly sloped to the ground on both sides leading to the grassy area -- Ken working on a shale pad with rocks on top

6 renovation of storage-room, including false floor and locking cupboards  NEXT to be done

7 concession window, safer system for opening and closing it - looking for options to close guillotine but is too heavy

8 replacement of gutter shields and snow stops  still working on this with Rob – Ken to follow up

9 adjusting/replacing mechanisms on both bathroom doors

10 ceiling and drywall repairs in both bathrooms terri to call brian gray and tell ken

11 Playground

12 New sign at top of the road to the hall

13 repainting of bathroom

14 refinishing hall floors

15 repainting hall walls and wainscoting

16 roof assessed at back of building, possible repairs?

17 Extra lights on the deck

*Forgot to ask Rainer Hops to quote on wiring for this.

18 Assistance with the cost of deck improvements

Annual General Meeting 2017

Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Charles Reuchel

March 15, 2017
for fiscal year-end 2017-04-30


A couple of dozen people took an opportunity Wednesday evening to discuss the past year's Club achievements, to view recent renovations and to weigh in on what should happen at the hall in the year to come.

TerriGuest speaker Charles Ruechel of Elements Adventure Company related his experiences instructing and guiding on the Middle Shuswap, and shared his views on the importance of a clean River.

Terri Deuling reported on the ongoing motorized vessel regulations process by the RDNO, which is due to conclude this spring.

Shea Jewitt

The winner of our logo contest, Shea Jewitt, was then presented with a cheque for $100, and an invitation to polish her design with the help of experienced graphic designer and publicizer Alvin Tam.

The meeting proper got underway with reports on the year's activities and financial outcomes, and an overview of plans for the upcoming year, including a new deep well.

With the recent resignation of Stephanie Sexsmith, there was room for a couple more directors. Terri Deuling's 2-year term was up (again) and she volunteered again (all sigh with relief!). Joining the Board are Doug Neill and Andrew Miller, bringing the number of MLCCRC directors to 8.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at the Hall


Prior to the official commencement of the AGM, Charles Ruechel of Elements Adventure gave a presentation about the Shuswap River. Charles has been teaching canoeing and kayaking on the river for many years and shared his love and appreciation for this special waterway.

Following Charles' presentation, Terri Deuling informed all present that RDNO is currently taking another crack at regulating motor boats on the river via an "interest based" process led by a consultant, and that anyone interested in the future of the river can join a constituency that represents their interests.

AGM: Call to order: 7:55 

Chair: Rita Romei  Secretary: Huguette Allen

In attendance: Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Ken Caldwell, Terri Deuling, Joe Deuling, Huguette Allen, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Mark Hesketh, Stephanie Sexsmith, Steve Richter, Eveline Vehlow, Julie Jones, Doug Jones, Leanne Jewitt, Shae Jewitt, Rick Fairbairn, Crystal Hesketh, Jack Hesketh, Charles Ruechel, Randy Rauck, Kim Taylor, Mark Hesketh, Jim Critchley, Judy Stewart.

1. Approval of Agenda: 

Moved and seconded by Stephanie Sexsmith and Crystal Hesketh.


2. Approval of Minutes of 2016 AGM

Moved and seconded by Stephanie Sexsmith and Terri Deuling.


3. Reports & Feedback:

President's Report: Rita welcomed everyone and especially thanked Stephanie for all she did during the year, and highlighted how much progress MLCC had made regarding the rental procedures thanks to the accomplishments of Miriam Britch. She then congratulated Russ Collins on having developed a website for MLCC as it displays our calendar of events and allows potential renters to view all facilities online.

The president also congratulated everyone for having organized monthly events that have been very well attended for the most part and for having published our newsletter monthly. She then thanked Ken Caldwell for his excellent work and follow up on the maintenance of the hall and invited everyone to stick around and see the hall improvements later on. 

Ken gave more details about the roof, explained that the problems had been that the snow stops had been installed at wrong place. The gutters got cleaned out and appropriate venting is now complete.

Financial Report: Russ passed around printouts of MLCC's financial statements and answered questions about receivables and informed all present that RDNO owns the building and the land but that MLCC leases the park and has an Occupancy Agreement. 

Moved and seconded by Stephanie Sexsmith and Joe Deuling to accept the financial report as presented:


4. Plans for the coming year:

Rita explained that Tannis Nelson, MLCC's RDNO contact could not be present due to a medical procedure but had sent a letter. After reading it (see attached RDNO Report), Rita explained that various options for the water system will be examined, including perhaps using a biological system for treating sewage and grey water. These types of systems are used successfully in numerous areas and double up as attractions for they can be very attractive. Most are inside large greenhouses that can grow bananas in winter due to the heat generated during the biological processes. Bear River, N.S. has had a "living machine" for years and an increasing number of areas are installing them.

If MLCC were to pursue this it could be the beginning of making the hall an interpretive centre about the river and the ecosystems around it.

Ken then explained plans for the well, upstream of the sewage system and 100 feet deep, as is the one for fisheries. Ken mentioned he had drunk the water at the hall without getting sick.

Other plans that Ken mentioned were the installation of a raised floor in the storage room.

Joe Deuling then thanked the board for all their energy and achievements as well as Jack Hesketh for his help and Andrew and Ardis Miller for consistently providing the hall with drinkable water during the year.

5. Elections of officers:

Among existing board members, only Terri Deuling was up for re-election. She was nominated by Huguette, seconded by Stephanie and elected unanimously.

Russ then nominated Doug Neill who accepted. Terri seconded and Doug was elected unanimously.

Rita nominated Jack Hesketh who declined.

Moved and seconded by Rita Romei and Russ Collins to accept Terri Deuling and Doug Neill as officers for 2017/2018 year:


6. Adjournment:

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Ken to adjourn at 8:48 PM 


7. Viewing of Hall Improvements led by Ken and Rita.

8. Andrew Miller then volunteered to become a board member and was warmly welcomed.

Board Meeting 2017-02-28

Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Russ & Huguette's

130 Shuswap R Dr

MLCC Board meeting Minutes
130 Shuswap R Dr

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.
Call to order: 7:10

In attendance: Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Ken Caldwell, Terri Deuling, Huguette Allen.
Guests: Ardis and Andrew Miller.

1. Approval of Agenda:
Moved and seconded by Huguette and Rita to accept the agenda as presented.     CARRIED.

2. Approval of Minutes of January 11 meeting.
Moved and seconded by Ken and Terri to accept the minutes as presented.    CARRIED.

3. Reports:

Maintenance Report: Ken
Ken advised the board that he's found a Kenmore freezer 32" wide for about $100. After discussing other planned purchases and the available space it was

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that we wait until Ken and Rita have investigated commercial dishwashers, including looking at the one purchased by the Cherryville hall, before deciding on the purchase of new freezers or any other significant items    CARRIED.

Various ways to address the infractions sent to us by IHA were discussed. It was

Moved and seconded by Rita and Russ that Ken purchase thermometers and a container of bleach, gets posters printed, laminated and posted in the kitchen, moves containers of ammonia downstairs for our own use, and emails photos and reports of actions to IHA    CARRIED.

The water advisory and its cause was also discussed.

Moved and seconded by Ken and Russ that Ken develop a proposal for RDNO that would be reviewed by the board prior to being submitted to RDNO. The proposal should offer that either RDNO pays for a new well, or signs a contract to reimburse the board for drilling a new well that results in potable water, if the board is to pay up front instead.    CARRIED.

Clarification of the extra lighting and electrical outlets required on the porch was completed.

Financial Report: bank balance and changes to insurance Russ :

Bank balance is $22,529.

Russ reported that the Village of Lumby has been removed as named insured on our general liability insurance, with NORD remaining on, as required by our Occupancy Agreement.

Our new insurance is now with Northbridge Insurance, Johnson Meier of Vernon broker, and cost $1,895 this year. It includes $2 million "each occurrence" liability coverage, with an aggregate limit of $5M, contents and improvements covering $30,000, insures us against robbery for $10,000 and covers directors to a limit of $2 million aggregate limit.

Russ reported that he's working on getting Community Pride to do a hall inventory assessment which is needed for insurance purposes.

Russ will be offering free courses over a two week period to anyone interested in learning how to update websites. The courses will be free and offered at White Valley Community Centre.

Rentals Report: Sub-Committee Members

The hall will, as usual, be rented out by the Province for the upcoming provincial elections.

We already have two rentals booked for July and a few others pending.

We are still looking for a director who would take on the coordination of hall rentals. This is a volunteer position, as are all director positions. The position requires good interpersonal and communications skills as well as dependable internet access and trustworthy references.

Ken is still looking into finding a new contract cleaner.

Sports Report: Nothing to report.

Promotion and Communications: Huguette:

The March Stump Rancher will go out around March 9th so that people can get it by the weekend preceding the AGM and will contain a new section entitled "Rural Living" that will encourage readers to submit links to books, films, blogs they recommend for rural living.

The info about the AGM will announce a guest speaker.

As well an article about the LOGO contest has been submitted to LVT as have two ads about our AGM and two about the upcoming dance.

Huguette encouraged everyone to make phone calls prior to the AGM to give people personal invitations to the AGM.

Overall MLCC Report: Rita and Terri

The deadline for the logo contest will be extended until March 10, at noon.

Terri reported that Regional District director Fairbairn approached Joe and Terri to sit on a Committee that will decide on the management of motorized vessels on the lower and middle Shuswap River. Since Terri had been on the original committee along with Anna Page, she is the one attending.

This new committee began with a meeting with a hired mediator from a company called Pacific Solutions where it was explained that the process will be based on consensus aimed for May 2017 and that all interested people will have the opportunity to give information to the negotiator.

Information about this will be publicized in the next Stump Rancher and at the AGM.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that MLCC find a positive way to take part to the river cleanup day organized yearly by Charles Ruechel and that Huguette let him know asap.    CARRIED.

4. Follow up from January 11 Meeting, subsequent emails, and above reports:

Decision about how to proceed with workers - This revolves around volunteers doing dangerous jobs - Tannis was to look into volunteer coverage.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that Rita asks Tannis about it prior to Spring work commencing.

Website content and updates: Information about this to be publicized in the upcoming Stump Rancher. Costs incurred by Russ can be covered by MLCC as needed.

Stump Rancher Printing - Motion to be discussed

The suggestion of paying for the paper, ink, and other costs associated with the printing of the SR was discussed. Terri reported that Deuling and Co. is happy to continue contributing this but that help folding and preparing for mailing would be welcomed. Terri is to inform the board if and when help is needed.

Continued review of Wish List and Estimates- tabled.

New well - discussed in #3.1

Changes to the constitution: Russ has been suggesting changes to the board via email which suits everyone. He reported that he's aiming for a complete new set by April cleanup.

5. Events

Upcoming event - AGM
Invitations to the AGM will be sent via email to director Fairbairn and Tannis Nelson by our president.

The agenda for the AGM will consist of the following items — names in parenthesis indicate the person responsible for writing and printing each item

Approval of the agenda (Huguette)
approval of minutes of last AGM (Terri)
Financial report (Russ)
President's report (Rita)
Election of officers (who will do?)
St. Patrick's Dance.: cancelled since the Blue Ox is holding one on the same night. Instead Crystal will organize an April Fool dance. Details tbd.

6. New Business: none to discuss.

Next Board Meeting: AGM.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to adjourn at 9:05 PM    CARRIED.


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes of January 11 meeting.
  3. Reports:
    1. Maintenance Report: Ken.
    2. Financial Report (bank balance and changes to insurances) Russ.
    3. Rentals Report: Sub committee members.
    4. Sport Reports: Stephanie.
    5. Promotion and Communications: Huguette.
    6. Overall MLCC Report: Rita.
  4. Follow up from January 11 Meeting, subsequent emails, and above reports:
    1. Decision about how to proceed with workers
    2. Website content and updates
    3. Stump Rancher Printing - Motion to be discussed
    4. Continued review of Wish List and Estimates
    5. New well.
    6. Changes to the constitution.
  5. Events
    1. AGM
    2. St. Patrick's Dance.
  6. New Business:
    1. Request to RDNO for new well (Ken).
    2. Other new business.
  7. Varia
  9. Adjournment:

Board Meeting 2017-01-11

Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Ken & Dede's

31 Shuswap River Dr

MLCC Board meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 11, 2017 - 7:00 PM, at Ken's place, 31 Shuswap R Dr.
Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.

In attendance:

Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Ken Caldwell, Terri Deuling, Huguette Allen. Guests: Dede Caldwell.

Call to order: 6:30

1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to accept the agenda as presented.


2. Approval of Minutes of November 30 meeting.

Moved and seconded by Russ and Ken to accept the minutes as presented.


3. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Ken

Ken met Tannis, engineer and building inspector at RDNO and left with the understanding that Tannis will try and get a well for the hall into this year's budget. The building inspector found the invoice for $11,000 high although the work that has been done is only work that had been deemed necessary by RDNO.

RDNO had the specs for the renos so Ken was able to see that the snow stops had been done to spec. However they do need to be redone.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri that Ken hire a contractor willing and able to redo the snow stops this spring


During a discussion regarding the work that has been done and is in process, Ken mentioned that he had purchased the range hoods on sale at Canadian Tire, that Ken will schedule Reiner to do the wiring, that the well has been chlorinated and that the checklist for water maintenance, mainly for scheduling the addition of salt, is posted at the hall.

Ken also performed a water test that was sent to IHA to see whether the water advisory can be lifted but since the bottle containing the sample was inadequate we still are not sure so it was

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Rita that Ken contact IHA to clarify the process that is required for the board to assess whether or not boil water advisories are needed


The purchase of a commercial dishwasher and a smaller freezer (to make space for a commercial dishwasher) was discussed along with how the storage room floor should be modified so that tables and chairs can be rolled in, the type of wood needed for cupboards in the storage room and the purchase of shale for the wheelchair ramp scheduled for the spring.

It was agreed it would be a good idea to contact the Cherryville hall to take a look at their commercial dishwasher (to see how much space is needed) and contact Tannis about applying for a grant to purchase a commercial dishwasher.

Moved and seconded by Terri and Russ that Ken will schedule Reiner a second time to do the wiring of dishwasher and freezer.


  1. Sports Report:

Skipped due to director's absence.

Moved and seconded by Terri and Huguette that Huguette contact Stephanie to find out whether it would be advisable, given past attendance, to wait until spring to offer sports night as this would save on snow removal


  1. Financial Report and bank balance: Russ :

Balance is about $25,000. in the bank.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that Crystal Hesketh be removed as signatory for cheques and payments at Valley First and that Terri Deuling be added instead


Moved and seconded by Terri and Ken that Russ be reimbursed $40 for payment of the Society's Act


  1. Rentals Report: Russ

The girl guides are scheduled to rent the hall overnight at the end of the month. They are one of the two allocated free rentals to community groups. There is also a possible rental scheduled for May.

All rentals will now be posted on the website calendar but will remain anonymous in order to respect the privacy of renters.

  1. Promotion and Communications: Huguette:

The January Stump Rancher will go out towards the end of the month and be followed by one in early March to announce the AGM.

The January SR will announce our need for a Hall Coordinator Director, what is available on our website including our rental information, will ask people for feedback on the events we offer and which they would like to see offered, and will focus on the upcoming Logo contest.

  1. Overall MLCC Report: Rita:

The details of the logo contest were discussed including eligibility, evaluation and prize.

Moved and seconded by Russ and Huguette that $100 be offered as prize for the Logo contest and that Rita send all information regarding the Logo contest to Huguette via email


4. Follow up from November 30 Meeting, subsequent emails, and above reports

  1. Installation of range hoods, bathroom vents, storage room options...

Discussed within Reports.

  1. Monthly schedule of sport events

Discussed within Reports.

  1. Decision about how to proceed with workers

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. Rentals sub-committee upcoming meeting:

Monday Jan. 15.

  1. Website content and updates

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. Stump Rancher Printing - Motion to be discussed

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. Continued review of Wish List and Estimates

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. MLCC Logo Design Contest.

Discussed within Reports.

5. Events

  1. Review of events just passed (Christmas event & Yoga)

Only four people showed up at Yoga and Jada decided it might be best to try again in the spring. About 20 people came to the Christmas event that occurred on a Snowy Sunday. The board will think of finding a more suitable time for it and perhaps adding music to the event.

  1. Upcoming event - Cabin Fever Dance.

Members of the board are not able to run this event. Rita will ask Crystal whether she wants to do it and if not, we will skip it this year.

6. New Business:

1. Request to RDNO for new well (Russ)./ Addressed in report.

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: Wednesday February 22, 2017, 7 PM at the hall.

9. Adjournment: Moved and seconded by Huguette and Terri to adjourn at 9:10 PM


Board Meeting 2016-11-30

Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

MLCC&RC Board meeting Minutes
Wednesday November 30, 2016 - 6:30 PM, at the hall.
Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Russ Collins. Call to order: 6:30
In attendance: Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Miriam Britch, Ken Caldwell, Stephanie Sexsmith (until 8 PM).

1. Approval of Agenda: Moved and seconded by Stephanie and Rita to accept the agenda with the addition of a report from the Sports director and leaving Varia open. CARRIED.

2. Approval of Minutes of November 2 meeting. Moved and seconded by Russ and Miriam to accept the minutes as presented. CARRIED.

3. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Ken The action items that were discussed and the priorities established for maintenance are:
    • Kitchen: Range Hood: cut cabinets left, move between stoves; 1 range hood per.
    • Moved and seconded by Miriam and Rita that Ken is to approve at least two options for range hoods by next week that will be voted on via email, with installation to be done by the AGM. CARRIED
    • Microwave onto a new shelf, to free up counter space.
    • Concession window: discussed options of counterweight or metal rolling like WCRC or accordion. It was determined the option needs to be sturdy because of sport projectiles. Rita will contact Monique at WVRC about the metal rolling option. Ken will draw up a plan for the counter weight option. The options will be discussed and voted on via email. Also plug-ins on island. And a retractable faucet to be purchased by Ken, to make filling the mop bucket easier.
    • Moved and seconded by Rita and Russ to provide Ken with a $300 discretionary budget for material recognized as needed. CARRIED.
    • Bathroom: Both bathrooms vent to attic or furnace room: ducting & installation needed & repair to ceiling. Ken to provide estimate. Painting to be done this spring.
    • Storage Room: to be discussed at the next meeting - perhaps raise floor only a bit to reduce ramp slope. Ken to make estimate including lockable cupboards, outside door modification and new ramp.
  2. Sports Report: Stephanie Moved and seconded by Miriam and Rita that drop-in sports will start in the new year and be free until further notice, and that Stephanie provide a monthly scheduled to be promoted in the Stump Rancher CARRIED.
  3. Financial Report and bank balance: Russ : Balance is $26,138.38. Rentals alone since the beginning of April have grossed about $3,500.
  4. Rentals Report: Miriam Britch is stepping down as Rental Director & will be reducing board involvement and attendance due to new business opportunity. Options to fill the position were discussed. Including hiring. Refer to follow up #3 & 7.
  5. Promotion and Communications: Huguette: N/A.
  6. Overall MLCC Report: Rita: N/A.

4. Follow up from November 2 Meeting, subsequent emails, and above reports:

  • WCB coverage and its effect on current workers: Aready clarified by email: non proprietor may work 8 hours per week. Major concern of some is our liability.
  • Rentals: see item 3 below.
  • Website content and updates: Russ suggested hiring an interested young adult to handle administrating rentals and updating the website. Russ will ask Joe if he is willing to change the lock codes and show the hall to prospective renters.
  • Stump Rancher Printing: reimbursement for costs of paper, ink, copier use - awaiting return of Deulings.
  • Review of Wish List and Estimates: done above.
  • Approval of checklist for water system: salt level check/addition
  • Russ will replace Miriam on the sub-committee to work on procedure and protocol for MLCC events.

5. New Business:

  • MLCC Logo Design Contest. Rita will send parameters to the Board.
  • Participants for Bursary Selection Rita / Terri time tab - Presenter at CBSS Grad Ceremony May 26: Stephanie (Rita will if Steph cannot)
  • Rita asked all directors to sign off on all emails as it can become confusing when there're many back and forth comments via the directors email.

6. Upcoming Events
Yoga sessions.
Christmas Get-Together. Rita away. Setup & Clean up to be done by Joe?

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: January 11 2017, 7:00pm

9. Adjournment: Moved and seconded by Miriam and Ken to adjourn at 9:00pm CARRIED.