1 of 2 stoves w/ oven
Hall Size
39’ x 48’10” (excluding the kitchen, bathrooms and storage areas)
Hall Capacity
166 (meal settings for 150)
has been restricted during COVID-19 lockdowns, and is dependent on current government policy

Hall Amenities

Fully equipped kitchen:

Floors are hardwood in the main hall and are linoleum in the kitchen, storage and washrooms.

Spacious, with a male and female washroom, each with three water closets.

Large parking lot in front of the Hall.

Wheelchair Accessibility:
A long gently-sloped ramp leads to a side door. The Hall is on one level.


Hall Equipment

BBQ Shelters


The chairs are not allowed outside, but there are a few benches and picnic tables for outside seating.

Sound system:
There is a Yamaha STAGEPAS 600BT sound system which includes 2 speakers with stands, 2 microphones with stands, and a 10-channel sound mixer. The hall has a 220 plug for you to provide your own sound system, as well as a removable stage for a band or other performance.
There is an 88-key Yamaha Pf80 electronic piano, for sing-alongs or other live music. It can be plugged into the PA mixer.

Hall Services and Supplies

Wifi/Cell Service
There is no cell service at the location of the Hall. Wifi is available however. The power to the modem and router must be turned ON (at the power bar to the right of and above the "concession" window between the kitchen and the hall). The modem/router must be turned ON for the telephone to work (Xplornet Home Phone).

Camping is available with rentals of two days or more. No power nor hook-ups; 8 picnic tables. Campfires are NOT permitted.

There are existing hooks that may be used.  Staples and tacks are allowed on the upper portion of the wall only, as long as they are removed neatly. Acoustic tiles are arranged around the interior walls; nothing may be taped, pinned nor tacked to these tiles.

All decorations are to be removed at the end of the event. Painter's masking tape is preferred over tacks to avoid damage and resulting deposit penalty.

Paper goods such as toilet tissue, paper towels, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies are provided as part of the rental.

Renters are required to take away their own garbage and recycling, as there is no garbage/recycling pickup.


In spring and early summer there will likely be mosquitoes. The venue is close to, and not much above the level of the Shuswap River, with a flood plain likely to harbor standing water and tall grasses. Both are fertile breeding habitat for mosquitoes, particularly after any extended wet period.

We have had very little problem with wasps.

We do not take measures to subdue insects. In the first place we are opposed to poisoning the local environment. The insecticides used in foggers and misters contain endocrine disrupters and can have adverse neurological effects if ingested. Of course none of the guests would be inhaling it, but we must consider the many non-human inhabitants down there too.

Perhaps a more compelling consideration is that killing the local mosquitoes would have at best a very temporary effect.
The territory across the road from the hall is densely wooded, and therefore would be difficult and expensive to spray, and would anyway quickly replenish the supply of mosquitoes eradicated at the site.

Other problems we would face in organizing a general spray would arise from the fact that the Regional District owns the land associated with the Hall (Tolley Park) and would have to approve the procedure. Also, the adjacent property belongs to the Federal Government's fish hatchery; we haven't solicited their opinion, but would expect the management there to be very reluctant to condone applications of poisons, especially airborne ones.

When warning your guests about the nuisance, you might point them to Consumer Reports, which has a comparison of repellents to apply to their skin and clothing. You could also consider supplying large electric fans to create a strong breeze in certain areas.

N.B. If a campfire ban has been imposed (particularly during wildfire season) this restriction includes Tiki torches! The fine for ignoring the ban is more than $1,000. See http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/forestry/managing-our-forest-....