Board Meeting 2017-01-11

Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Ken & Dede's

31 Shuswap River Dr

MLCC Board meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 11, 2017 - 7:00 PM, at Ken's place, 31 Shuswap R Dr.
Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.

In attendance:

Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Ken Caldwell, Terri Deuling, Huguette Allen. Guests: Dede Caldwell.

Call to order: 6:30

1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to accept the agenda as presented.


2. Approval of Minutes of November 30 meeting.

Moved and seconded by Russ and Ken to accept the minutes as presented.


3. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Ken

Ken met Tannis, engineer and building inspector at RDNO and left with the understanding that Tannis will try and get a well for the hall into this year's budget. The building inspector found the invoice for $11,000 high although the work that has been done is only work that had been deemed necessary by RDNO.

RDNO had the specs for the renos so Ken was able to see that the snow stops had been done to spec. However they do need to be redone.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri that Ken hire a contractor willing and able to redo the snow stops this spring


During a discussion regarding the work that has been done and is in process, Ken mentioned that he had purchased the range hoods on sale at Canadian Tire, that Ken will schedule Reiner to do the wiring, that the well has been chlorinated and that the checklist for water maintenance, mainly for scheduling the addition of salt, is posted at the hall.

Ken also performed a water test that was sent to IHA to see whether the water advisory can be lifted but since the bottle containing the sample was inadequate we still are not sure so it was

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Rita that Ken contact IHA to clarify the process that is required for the board to assess whether or not boil water advisories are needed


The purchase of a commercial dishwasher and a smaller freezer (to make space for a commercial dishwasher) was discussed along with how the storage room floor should be modified so that tables and chairs can be rolled in, the type of wood needed for cupboards in the storage room and the purchase of shale for the wheelchair ramp scheduled for the spring.

It was agreed it would be a good idea to contact the Cherryville hall to take a look at their commercial dishwasher (to see how much space is needed) and contact Tannis about applying for a grant to purchase a commercial dishwasher.

Moved and seconded by Terri and Russ that Ken will schedule Reiner a second time to do the wiring of dishwasher and freezer.


  1. Sports Report:

Skipped due to director's absence.

Moved and seconded by Terri and Huguette that Huguette contact Stephanie to find out whether it would be advisable, given past attendance, to wait until spring to offer sports night as this would save on snow removal


  1. Financial Report and bank balance: Russ :

Balance is about $25,000. in the bank.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that Crystal Hesketh be removed as signatory for cheques and payments at Valley First and that Terri Deuling be added instead


Moved and seconded by Terri and Ken that Russ be reimbursed $40 for payment of the Society's Act


  1. Rentals Report: Russ

The girl guides are scheduled to rent the hall overnight at the end of the month. They are one of the two allocated free rentals to community groups. There is also a possible rental scheduled for May.

All rentals will now be posted on the website calendar but will remain anonymous in order to respect the privacy of renters.

  1. Promotion and Communications: Huguette:

The January Stump Rancher will go out towards the end of the month and be followed by one in early March to announce the AGM.

The January SR will announce our need for a Hall Coordinator Director, what is available on our website including our rental information, will ask people for feedback on the events we offer and which they would like to see offered, and will focus on the upcoming Logo contest.

  1. Overall MLCC Report: Rita:

The details of the logo contest were discussed including eligibility, evaluation and prize.

Moved and seconded by Russ and Huguette that $100 be offered as prize for the Logo contest and that Rita send all information regarding the Logo contest to Huguette via email


4. Follow up from November 30 Meeting, subsequent emails, and above reports

  1. Installation of range hoods, bathroom vents, storage room options...

Discussed within Reports.

  1. Monthly schedule of sport events

Discussed within Reports.

  1. Decision about how to proceed with workers

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. Rentals sub-committee upcoming meeting:

Monday Jan. 15.

  1. Website content and updates

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. Stump Rancher Printing - Motion to be discussed

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. Continued review of Wish List and Estimates

Postponed till next meeting.

  1. MLCC Logo Design Contest.

Discussed within Reports.

5. Events

  1. Review of events just passed (Christmas event & Yoga)

Only four people showed up at Yoga and Jada decided it might be best to try again in the spring. About 20 people came to the Christmas event that occurred on a Snowy Sunday. The board will think of finding a more suitable time for it and perhaps adding music to the event.

  1. Upcoming event - Cabin Fever Dance.

Members of the board are not able to run this event. Rita will ask Crystal whether she wants to do it and if not, we will skip it this year.

6. New Business:

1. Request to RDNO for new well (Russ)./ Addressed in report.

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: Wednesday February 22, 2017, 7 PM at the hall.

9. Adjournment: Moved and seconded by Huguette and Terri to adjourn at 9:10 PM