Board Meeting 2017-02-28

Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Russ & Huguette's

130 Shuswap R Dr

MLCC Board meeting Minutes
130 Shuswap R Dr

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.
Call to order: 7:10

In attendance: Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Ken Caldwell, Terri Deuling, Huguette Allen.
Guests: Ardis and Andrew Miller.

1. Approval of Agenda:
Moved and seconded by Huguette and Rita to accept the agenda as presented.     CARRIED.

2. Approval of Minutes of January 11 meeting.
Moved and seconded by Ken and Terri to accept the minutes as presented.    CARRIED.

3. Reports:

Maintenance Report: Ken
Ken advised the board that he's found a Kenmore freezer 32" wide for about $100. After discussing other planned purchases and the available space it was

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that we wait until Ken and Rita have investigated commercial dishwashers, including looking at the one purchased by the Cherryville hall, before deciding on the purchase of new freezers or any other significant items    CARRIED.

Various ways to address the infractions sent to us by IHA were discussed. It was

Moved and seconded by Rita and Russ that Ken purchase thermometers and a container of bleach, gets posters printed, laminated and posted in the kitchen, moves containers of ammonia downstairs for our own use, and emails photos and reports of actions to IHA    CARRIED.

The water advisory and its cause was also discussed.

Moved and seconded by Ken and Russ that Ken develop a proposal for RDNO that would be reviewed by the board prior to being submitted to RDNO. The proposal should offer that either RDNO pays for a new well, or signs a contract to reimburse the board for drilling a new well that results in potable water, if the board is to pay up front instead.    CARRIED.

Clarification of the extra lighting and electrical outlets required on the porch was completed.

Financial Report: bank balance and changes to insurance Russ :

Bank balance is $22,529.

Russ reported that the Village of Lumby has been removed as named insured on our general liability insurance, with NORD remaining on, as required by our Occupancy Agreement.

Our new insurance is now with Northbridge Insurance, Johnson Meier of Vernon broker, and cost $1,895 this year. It includes $2 million "each occurrence" liability coverage, with an aggregate limit of $5M, contents and improvements covering $30,000, insures us against robbery for $10,000 and covers directors to a limit of $2 million aggregate limit.

Russ reported that he's working on getting Community Pride to do a hall inventory assessment which is needed for insurance purposes.

Russ will be offering free courses over a two week period to anyone interested in learning how to update websites. The courses will be free and offered at White Valley Community Centre.

Rentals Report: Sub-Committee Members

The hall will, as usual, be rented out by the Province for the upcoming provincial elections.

We already have two rentals booked for July and a few others pending.

We are still looking for a director who would take on the coordination of hall rentals. This is a volunteer position, as are all director positions. The position requires good interpersonal and communications skills as well as dependable internet access and trustworthy references.

Ken is still looking into finding a new contract cleaner.

Sports Report: Nothing to report.

Promotion and Communications: Huguette:

The March Stump Rancher will go out around March 9th so that people can get it by the weekend preceding the AGM and will contain a new section entitled "Rural Living" that will encourage readers to submit links to books, films, blogs they recommend for rural living.

The info about the AGM will announce a guest speaker.

As well an article about the LOGO contest has been submitted to LVT as have two ads about our AGM and two about the upcoming dance.

Huguette encouraged everyone to make phone calls prior to the AGM to give people personal invitations to the AGM.

Overall MLCC Report: Rita and Terri

The deadline for the logo contest will be extended until March 10, at noon.

Terri reported that Regional District director Fairbairn approached Joe and Terri to sit on a Committee that will decide on the management of motorized vessels on the lower and middle Shuswap River. Since Terri had been on the original committee along with Anna Page, she is the one attending.

This new committee began with a meeting with a hired mediator from a company called Pacific Solutions where it was explained that the process will be based on consensus aimed for May 2017 and that all interested people will have the opportunity to give information to the negotiator.

Information about this will be publicized in the next Stump Rancher and at the AGM.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that MLCC find a positive way to take part to the river cleanup day organized yearly by Charles Ruechel and that Huguette let him know asap.    CARRIED.

4. Follow up from January 11 Meeting, subsequent emails, and above reports:

Decision about how to proceed with workers - This revolves around volunteers doing dangerous jobs - Tannis was to look into volunteer coverage.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Huguette that Rita asks Tannis about it prior to Spring work commencing.

Website content and updates: Information about this to be publicized in the upcoming Stump Rancher. Costs incurred by Russ can be covered by MLCC as needed.

Stump Rancher Printing - Motion to be discussed

The suggestion of paying for the paper, ink, and other costs associated with the printing of the SR was discussed. Terri reported that Deuling and Co. is happy to continue contributing this but that help folding and preparing for mailing would be welcomed. Terri is to inform the board if and when help is needed.

Continued review of Wish List and Estimates- tabled.

New well - discussed in #3.1

Changes to the constitution: Russ has been suggesting changes to the board via email which suits everyone. He reported that he's aiming for a complete new set by April cleanup.

5. Events

Upcoming event - AGM
Invitations to the AGM will be sent via email to director Fairbairn and Tannis Nelson by our president.

The agenda for the AGM will consist of the following items — names in parenthesis indicate the person responsible for writing and printing each item

Approval of the agenda (Huguette)
approval of minutes of last AGM (Terri)
Financial report (Russ)
President's report (Rita)
Election of officers (who will do?)
St. Patrick's Dance.: cancelled since the Blue Ox is holding one on the same night. Instead Crystal will organize an April Fool dance. Details tbd.

6. New Business: none to discuss.

Next Board Meeting: AGM.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to adjourn at 9:05 PM    CARRIED.


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes of January 11 meeting.
  3. Reports:
    1. Maintenance Report: Ken.
    2. Financial Report (bank balance and changes to insurances) Russ.
    3. Rentals Report: Sub committee members.
    4. Sport Reports: Stephanie.
    5. Promotion and Communications: Huguette.
    6. Overall MLCC Report: Rita.
  4. Follow up from January 11 Meeting, subsequent emails, and above reports:
    1. Decision about how to proceed with workers
    2. Website content and updates
    3. Stump Rancher Printing - Motion to be discussed
    4. Continued review of Wish List and Estimates
    5. New well.
    6. Changes to the constitution.
  5. Events
    1. AGM
    2. St. Patrick's Dance.
  6. New Business:
    1. Request to RDNO for new well (Ken).
    2. Other new business.
  7. Varia
  9. Adjournment: