Board Meeting 2017-05-24

Wed May 24, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Russ & Huguette's

130 Shuswap R Dr
MLCC Board meeting Minutes
Wednesday May 24, 7:00 at Russ and Huguette's place.

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen. Call to order: 7:20

In attendance: Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Rita Romei, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling.

1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to accept the agenda as presented. CARRIED.

2. Approval of Minutes of April 10 meeting:

Huguette read them and the addition of "and rentals" to cleaning plans was suggested by Rita and approved by everyone. Andrew mentioned minutes should always be sent prior to meetings which Huguette said she thought they were but it seems not everyone got them.

Moved and seconded by Russ and Rita to accept minutes as read and corrected above: CARRIED.

3. Follow up from April 10 Meeting

  1. Rental Process Meeting among Russ, Andrew and Doug - was postponed due to Russ's health issues and will be rescheduled by Russ. All board members will be notified and invited to attend.

  2. Community Pride hall inventory assessment for insurance purposes: Russ made an application but has not heard back but will follow up.

  3. Chlorination talk with Tannis: Ken - Andrew says that there is a system that chlorinates then removes the chlorine that costs about $3000, and suggested this be shared with Tannis.

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Doug that Ken emails Tannis to clearly state the type of systems we would prefer and then give a deadline to RDNO. The email to Tannis should be copied to all directors CARRIED.

  1. Youth board member info: Russ reports that the society act says youth director has to be at least 16 and that the majority of directors must be over 16. This applies by Nov 28 2018 when the new society act comes into effect so we must add it to our bylaws by then.

Moved and seconded by Rita and Terri to publish the contribution that a youth representative would bring to the board in the Stump Rancher and the website by July CARRIED.

  1. Contract cleaner and cleaning fees: the contract was signed by Shannon.

  2. River cleanup day. Tabled

  3. Changes to the constitution – youth director changes will be made before November.

  4. Logo design mods and/or adoption: Rita talked to Alvin and was sent a WIP that Rita will rework to make it brighter, more visible and once done will contact Alvin again.

4. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Ken got a $600 quote from Len for the gravel. Terri will find out if a worker she knows could work on the roof since Rob seems too busy to accommodate our schedule.

  2. Financial Report: Rita reported that she got $800 for the liquor she brought back which changes the April fool dance revenues from minus $600 to plus $200. Russ reports that we have $19081.90 in cash in the bank and that there is $10,000 to come from RDNO and more from rentals.

  3. Rentals Report: Sub committee members. We have about $2,000 in rentals booked for this year versus $3,500 last year.

  4. Sport Reports: n/a

  5. Events Report: Terri said she has gone over the leftover alcohol procedures re: PST and that after doing it we did get money back. Terri will need the receipts from Rita.

  6. Promotion and Communications: Huguette.- next SR to come out next week advertising Burger night, sports' night requests? Dennis Richardson will be talked about regarding his excellent service in removing a large birch tree free of charge. We will also put an ad in for him in the June Stump Rancher.

  7. Overall MLCC Report: Rita had nothing more to report.

5. Upcoming Events:

  1. Add goals or objectives to events to stimulate more interest? Tabled for discussion.

  2. Upcoming event – Burger night / Rita will bring condiments, Terri already got the liquor licence and will get burgers from Maureen, Huguette will bring mint. We will specify in the SR that we will talk about the boat regulations during the evening and invite people to come talk about it with us and give ideas about what else we could do to protect the river. Prices were discussed and given the small profit made last year all agreed we should leave the prices as they are. We will also ask for volunteers to help make vegeburgers and hamburgers on Thursday at 5 PM at the hall, or to show up on the Friday at 4 pm to help set up, or to stay a little later to help clean up.

    Last year's 100 mile potluck was on August 12 so we will likely plan it for around the same date.

6. New Business:

Thoughts about our new role: Huguette relayed that she sent information to the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program regarding MLCC's hope to have an interpretive centre at the park in the hope of getting funds to get started. Rita mentioned that a family member had volunteered to help us write grants in the future.

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: Wednesday July 26th at Andrew's and Ardis's place.

9. Adjournment: 9:05 PM.