Board Meeting 2017-07-26

Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd
MLCC Board meeting Agenda
Wednesday July 26, 7:00 at Andrew's and Ardis's place

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.

Call to order: 7:20

In attendance: Terri Deuling, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Huguette Allen, Rita Romei, Russ Collins. Guest: Ardis Miller.

1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved and seconded by Andrew and Doug to accept the agenda as presented. CARRIED.

2. Approval of Minutes of May 24 meeting:

Moved and seconded by Terri and Doug to accept the minutes as read by Huguette. CARRIED.

3. Follow up from May 24 Meeting

  1. Hall inventory – after discussing the queries made by renters and the problems that having an inventory that is different from the stated hall capacity of 166, it was Moved and seconded by Rita and Andrew that we adjust the contracts to clarify that although the hall has 166 capacity our place settings are for 150, that we further encourage people to review the available cooking utensils and bring their own if they so wish, and that we direct potential renters to the chamber of commerce for lists of DJs and caterers. CARRIED

  2. A discussion about a youth board member resulted in the board deciding to pursue this at the next AGM rather than try to do it now.

  3. Currently the contract cleaner is billing us per hour which presents a problem since we charge a flat fee to renters so it was agreed that Russ speaks to Shannon to propose she be paid a flat fee instead of an hourly fee.

  4. A discussion about the hourly charge for cleaning prior to staining resulted in the board agreeing that Rita should charge 6 hours @ $15/hour to the hall by Rita and 10 hours @ $15/hour will be charged to the wedding party.

  5. River cleanup day – Huguette will contact Charles to see how the hall could contribute to the next river cleanup day and bring it back to the board for discussion.

  6. Logo design was tabled.

4. Reports:

  1. Maintenance Report: Russ reported that the gravel has not been done and is planned for when Ken gets back.

Ken Ingram has scheduled to do the dry walling work on august 3rd.

  1. Financial Report: We have received our $10,000 from RDNO which means we now have around $27,500 in the bank.

  2. Rentals Report: Cadets were at the hall and will come again twice in August.
    We just had a wedding and will have one more in August.
    It was decided that we promote rentals so Huguette will put it on FB sites and ask previous renters to also promote it to their groups. As well Doug proposed that we also promote it to environmental organizations for conferences and such. As well we will advertise it in the Lumby Times.

  3. Sport Reports: n/a

  4. Events Report: The last Burger night was packed . Almost no one showed up until about 6 but then so many people showed up that we had to make more burgers.

  5. Promotion and Communications: Huguette is to call forestry and ask to get campfire bans signs all around the hall. The next Stump Rancher will have an article on how to live with wildlife.

  6. Overall MLCC Report: Nothing to report.

5. Upcoming Events:

The potluck is now planned for August 26 instead of the 12 as previously advertised in the SR which means we will hold the Fall Fair on September 17. Both will be advertised in the next SR.

Huguette will also talk with Doug Jones about whether he can help with the lighting on the deck.

6. New Business:

7. Varia: Rita pointed out that she and Russ were still doing most of the hall coordination including purchasing needed articles and proposed that the directors sharing the position begin to take over. Andrew agreed to do purchasing as long as he gets a list of needed items while Doug will continue to handle rentals as much as he can.


9. Adjournment: 9:00