Board Meeting 2018-01-24

Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd

MLCC Board meeting MINUTES (unadopted)
Wednesday January 24, 2018, 7 PM at Doug and Kate's.

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Russ Collins.
Present: Joe Deuling, Terri Deuling, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill
  1. Approval of Agenda Doug / Terri
  2. Approval of Minutes of November 7, 2017 Terri / Doug
    Approval of Minutes of August Meeting Doug / Terri
    1. Capital expenses invoice not yet paid - Russ to follow up with Tannis, consistent with email forwarded by Rita (see below).
    2. Hydro bill … Russ will email board with report
  3. Follow up from November Meetings and Emails:
    1. Rental price comparisons: Doug
      No changes recommended:
      1. we offer prices comparable to similar venues
      2. we are not eager for more rentals
      3. we have flexibility in our pricing
        Russ to increase size of text offering discounted member prices, and link to a definition of membership.
    2. The future of our Valley follow up
      1. Motion: that Joe write a letter to RDNO requesting bylaws limiting a) temporary farm workers and b) axle weight. Joe / Russ
    3. Hall acoustics
      1. Andrew would like to see a drop ceiling installed.
        Motion: to announce (Stump Rancher, Web Site) possible changes to the Hall removing gymnasium aspects for discussion at the AGM. Russ / Andrew.
      2. Motion: to contact Ross Marshall on advice on acoustics. Rita / Terri will talk to Cathy.
  4. Reports
    1. Maintenance Report — Ken absent;
      Rita to forward email from Tannis re water supply, dishwasher et al.
    2. Financial Report — Russ
      $19,777.68 in bank; Xmas Potluck expenses & net loss $203.52. 
    3. Rentals Report —Doug
      Charles Reuchel booked 2 days in July; 1 new request registered.
      It is emphasized that renters must show proof of liquor license if they will supply liquor.
    4. Sport Reports — n/a.
    5. Events Report — Terri
    6. Promotion and Communications: Huguette absent;
      No S.R. soon because no events (e.g. Cabin Fever Dance).
    7. Overall MLCC Report: Rita
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. AGM
      Date set: Wed. Apr 18, 6:30pm.
    2. Clean-up deferred until after AGM & new Board.
  6. New Business
    1. Scholarship criteria and selection
      Terri will contact CBSS and/or school District to see current application vis-a-vis restriction to Mabel Lake Valley residence, and to find how a non-CBSS student could apply.
      It was unanimous that only MLCC catchment residents may apply, but that school attended may be other than CBSS.
      It was unanimous that should there not be enough students applying or acceptable one year, the money could be given the following year instead, with the restriction that no bursary would exceed the limit (currently $500).
    2. Plaque for the fish hanging and quilts to hang
      Huguette is authorized to proceed with a plaque suitable for this artwork, consistent with its being on loan and not owned by the MLCC.
      No decision about how or whether to proceed with quilts.
  7. Varia
    1. Russ will supply an electronic piano for the next musical event, and leave it on site thenceforth. We need ideas as to how to protect it from damage.
    2. Russ will email directors with the outstanding Constitution by-laws, dividing them amongst us for modification and correction prior to the November 2018 deadline.
    3. It was agreed to add text to the rental sign at the Hall so that it is clear that camping is permitted to renters, despite the "No Camping" signs in evidence.
    4. With over $100 per month telephone bill, and the telephone often being used for long distance, we should look into internet instead. Russ to check with Xplornet (et al.?).
  8. NEXT Board MEETING — Mar 21 7:00pm Andrew & Ardis
  9. Adjournment — 8:53pm