Board Meeting 2018-03-21

Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd

MLCC Board meeting MINUTES (unadopted)
Wednesday March 21, 2018, 7:00pm at Andrew and Ardis' home.

Chair: Rita Romei, Secretary: Huguette Allen.

In attendance: Huguette Allen, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Rita Romei. 

1. Approval of Agenda: 

Moved and seconded by Doug and Rita to accept the agenda as presented.


2. Approval of Minutes of January 24 meeting:

Moved and seconded by Rita and Andrew to accept the minutes with the following modification: 


3Follow up from the January 24 meeting and subsequent email communications:

  • Russ called Tannis about the $3,000 invoice that was sent to RDNO, who said it would come with other monies. Russ will follow up again as the final budget is approved.

  • Terri said that Cathy didn't think that lowering the ceiling would work because of the age of the hall. 

Moved and seconded by Huguette and Terri to postpone further discussion until the AGM dialogue regarding how the hall will be used in the future and to then let the new board determine how to fix the hall acoustics.


  • Rita will forward email from Tannis re: water supply, dishwasher et al.

  • Terri will make sure that scholarship applications are at Charles Bloom and VSS shortlyCharles Bloom's nomination are on April 11 while VSS's is not yet known.

  • Huguette will put up the Fish art display sign before the AGM.

  • Russ will install keyboard at the hall.

  • Russ will present the major changes to the constitution at the AGM and research whether there is any accountability issue.

4. Reports

  1. Maintenance: Ken reported that since our hydro bills started going up in June and Hydro had warned us that our use was excessively increasing he and Russ looked into the cause and found that a huge drain is coming from the pump. Tannis suggested we put a new pump and later put it in new well but this may not work due to whether we get a shallow or deep well. Meanwhile the pump is turned off and renters will be instructed how and when to turn it on and off. Rita or Ken will follow up with Tannis regarding whether the board might take over the hall. 

  2. Treasurer: Russ reported that we have $17,500 in the bank and that some has to go back as deposit for rent. As well, $1,959 was paid for insurance, $321 for 2 months of Hydro which is entirely due to the running of the pump. Internet will be installed once we get the needed post either from Ken or Home Depot and then all we'll need is to dig a trench to the hall which should be done during the Spring Cleanup. The cost is estimated at $70/month which will include Telus voice for one year. We will need to develop a policy so that there is no streaming of movies.

  3. Rentals: Doug reported that Rachel Lowe (Rangers) rented for one night, that Charles will also rent for a camp, and there will be two weddings, one in July, one in October.

  4. Sports: n/a

  5. Events: The upcoming AGM is discussed below.

  6. Promotion and Communications: Huguette will get SR out soon announcing the AGM.

  7. Overall MLCC ReportKen and Rita will work together to make a new sign for the hall that allows sliding in of current announcements.

5. Upcoming Events

  1. AGM: April 18thThe agenda will include information on Wild Fire prevention, a review of the past year's achievements, a discussion on how the hall is to be used in the future, and elections of officers.

  2. Spring Cleanup. TBD at the AGM

6. New Business: N/A

7. Varia:

8. NEXT Board MEETING: AGM April 18 at 6:30 doors open and begins at 7.

9. Adjournment: Moved and seconded by Terri and Doug to adjourn at 8:40pm.