Board Meeting 2018-04-24

Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd
MLCC Board meeting Agenda
Tuesday April 24, 2018, 7 PM at Andrew & Ardis'
— 1st meeting of new board following AGM 
Chair: TBA, Secretary: TBA.
Present: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill
  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes of March meeting, moved by Mark, Doug 2nd


Future of our Valley: Re White Paper out of UBCM regarding farm practices. White paper will be presented to Coldstream and Armstrong for comment and then go back to the next UBCM in the fall. Huguette would like to see action sooner. Since MLCC is not being asked to do anything Doug moved we remain siezed of action until such time as more support is needed. Andrew 2nd.

Accoustics: Andrew will find a professional to get an opinion to improve sound in the hall



- Marco has finished putting roof on gazebo. Ken will set up gutter to stop rain from falling where the steps are.

- Gravel in parking lot: Andrew moved we not wait for the well, Doug 2nd. Ken will contact Len to level the parking lot and bring in the gravel while the ground is still soft. 

- Internet: John Minor will install dish on the hall, not on a post. Ken and Russ will figure out where modem and router will go. 

- Sign on Road: Ken would like to make a concrete sign that will last a long time to replace existing sign. Such a sign requires a lot of work and Ken short on time. Mark would like to see the plans and maybe he can help. He will contact a company he used to work with to see if they could Auto Cad the form. 

No Camping Signs: Ken has the signs they need to go up. Discussed the option to mention Camping permitted with rental. Terri and Doug opposed to that idea, feel we should not encourage camping. 

Lawn mowing: Russ will contact Troy and see if he is willing to continue mowing again this year.


- Russ reported Finances in good shape. We’ve received our $10,000.00 grant for the year. 


- Doug reported the interest in Rentals are picking up. Only one Sunday available in August. 


- no club events to report on, set a date for the 1st Burger Night. June 15. Doug suggested we try to strike a Social Committee that would plan and organize social events and report to directors but not be required to attend board meetings. Will advertise in the next Stump Rancher. 


- Communications discussed in Maintenance, Huguette is willing to continue preparing the Stump Rancher for the time being. 


Terri reported the update to the criteria for awarding our bursary. “A student living within the MLCC boundaries (Rawlings Lake Road to Mabel Lake) who has participated in club events and is pursuing further education. Proof of registration is still required before the money is received by the student. The new criteria allows for students living in the valley but attending schools in Vernon to qualify. 

FIREFIGHTING COURSE: Doug will contact Craig Moore about the S100 and S185 Course and try to figure out a date he could give the course and then we will have it advertised to get the numbers required for attendance. Participants should pre-register so we know we have enough people to hold the course. 


President – Andrew Miller has offered to be president
Vice- President – vacant Terri took position of Secretary 
Treasurer – Russ Collins for 1 more year
Hall Maintenance – Ken Caldwell
Hall Rentals – Doug Neill
Communications – vacant Huguette will help until replaced
Directors without portfolio – Joe Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk

Russ moved, Terri 2nd that Rita Romei be removed as financial signatory at Valley First Credit Union and Mark Maksymiuk be added.

NEW BUSINESS: No new business

VARIA: Constitution changes for new Society Act. Russ is plugging away at the constitution to make it more relevant. He will continue to ask for our input. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 Next meeting May 15 at Doug’s.