Board Meeting 2018-05-15

Tue May 15, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd
MLCC Board meeting Minutes
Tuesday May 15, 2018, 7 PM at Doug & Kate's
— 2nd meeting of new board following AGM 

In attendance: Ken, Russ, Terri, Andrew, Doug

Doug moved to accept minutes of April 24 meeting, with amendments, Ken 2nd

SPRING CLEAN-UP: went well, poor attendance. First time on a Saturday and short notice. Grounds were cleaned, lawn cut. Huguette stained gazebo, Doug did inventory on dishes, numbers good. Ken cleaned gutters and replaced broken section. Should we consider setting date for clean-up prior to AGM next year? 


Internet Dish Installation: All set up and working. Password will not be given to renters until board establishes a policy re: data use. Russ action: Think of options for renters.

Parking Lot Grading and Gravel: Gravel should be arriving soon, Ken worked hard to get lot leveled. Removed some trees and graded for drainage. 

Well Progress: No news from Tannis to date but confidence is high the new well will be drilled this year.

Accoustics: Andrew got 2 quotes from Eon recording, attached, Andrew thinks 2nd quote with fabric covered fibreglass will be most suitable. A discount is offered if we provide helpers, we’ll see who is available when the time comes. Terri moves to accept quote 2, Ken 2nd.

Burger Night: Set for June 15, discussed whether we should change hall functions if there is a conflict with a rental. Depends if the community event has been advertised. Terri asked the question is the hall for community events or for renting? Action Terri to get liquor licence and contact Echo Valley re burger. Will ask Andrew and Ardis to purchase liquor. 


Dishwasher Replacement: Andrew got estimate for commercial machine, attached, seems to fit our requirements. Russ moved we order commercial dishwasher, Doug 2nd.


Maintenance Report: Lawn moving Contract, no one has applied to date, we’ll stick with the advertised wage of $15/hr and Ken will use his discretion depending on situation. Some of the snow stops were damaged with the winter snow load but don’t need replacing. Pigeons moving in to porch. Russ has some tack board to put up to deter birds from roosting eaves.

Financial Report: $27,000.00 +/- in bank. We’ll be down to approximately $14,000.00 after expenses approved tonight. 

Rentals Report: 2 new rentals, Doug still learning process but its going well, getting lots on interest. Discounts to community members and youth groups. Renter Insurance is becoming an issue. Village no longer offers policy and different companies expensive. Ken will call Lynne Frerichs from Cherryville and see what they do. 

Events Report: Nothing to report

Odds and Ends

Septic Tank pumped looked really good. Terri will check with Celina to see when they pumped it last.

MLCC sign on road: Ken waiting to hear from Mark re metal sign if that’s not a go we’ll buy a sign. 

No camping signs will go up after gravel laid

No fire signs will go up. We’ll remove fire pit to discourage fires

Firefighting course offered May 26 being facilitated by MLCC

Hydro’s letter in response to Joe’s letter, our obligation has been fulfilled. Russ will talk to Lee Hesketh

Basketball nets will come down. They can be put up outside and we can get a portable one for inside the hall if there is a demand. 

Email Voting. Need to apply discretion on making motions. Motions should not be made by email but general discussions can be made by email. 

Outhouse will be replaced after determining a suitable location. 

Next Meeting June 19th at Andrews.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48.