Board Meeting 2018-06-19

Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd
Board meeting Minutes
Tuesday June 19, 2018, 7 PM at Andrew & Ardis'
— 3rd meeting of new board following AGM 
Present: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Terri Deuling (Sec.), Mark Maksymiuk, Andrew Miller (Chair), Doug Neill
In Attendance: Ardis Laine
Call to order 7:++ 
  1. Agenda - no changes
  2. Minutes of May 15 meeting approved, motion to accept by Doug, 2nd by Ken.
  3. Reports:
    • Maintenance Report — Ken
      • New well almost finished. 53’ deep, 50 gal/min. RDNO would have liked it to be deeper but hit bedrock a 75’
      • Boys mowing are doing a good job, yard looks good.
      • Parking lot will be dug up again to run water lines from new well. Not sure when that will happen.
      • Need to put in a 220 volt plug for dishwasher, will ask Rainer and get him to put a switch by the door at the same time.
      • Warranty on dishwasher requires that their plumber install dishwasher. We shouldn’t need to buy their chemicals for cleaning, more environmentally friendly ones available.
      • Outhouse needs to be put back in place with necessary repairs to be made before hand.
    • Financial Report — Russ
      • June 15th Burger Night lost $221.45. Lots of alcohol left over and ½ of the burgers made are frozen for next time. 
    • Rental Report — Doug
      • No new rental requests.
      • Doug is still working on insurance. There are 2 parts to the insurance, ours and the renters. Lisa Frey at Capri has worked out a policy to make rentals easier. We’ll see what she has to say after speaking with the underwriter.
    • Events — Terri
      • Burger night was  attended, mosquitoes were ferocious. Ate inside, some new people attended.
      • Next burger night July 13.
      • 100-Mile Potluck set for August 18. Would Huguette consider organizing talent show again?
  4. Old Business

    • Well and parking lot discussed under maintenance.
    • Acoustic panels installed, still slight echo but sound is noticeably better.
    • Ken could still make concrete sign, but board thought wooden sign would be much less work. Mark to call sign makers to cost a replacement sign of similar size.
  5. New Business

    • Stumprancher: what is the purpose? Local interest. Name stays for now.
    • Logo? On hold.
    • Update of rental policy, re: “obligations of the tenant”. Updates needed on Rental Agreement.
    • Internet, phone needs to be turned on by each renter, still not sure how to deal with the wi-fi. Mark suggested changing plans, one for winter, one for summer.
    • Fire Preparedness: we’ll contact people on list Boyd compiled to see if they agree to share contact info.
    • Concession window: dangerous, needs to be fixed before it falls on someone.
    • Basketball Hoops: what to do with them? Russ will contact WVCC.
    • Audio-visual: Mark has a “new in the box” HD projector he is willing to donate to the hall.
    • Bathroom repaint: since stipple has been done, the ceiling could be repainted but not critical. Ken will adjust stall door.
    • Grant Money: Huguette applied for grant from Monashee Arts Council and received $1,500.00 to go towards preparing a plan for an Interpretive Centre. Huguette has provided a draft of the fauna and flora to be displayed at the Mabel Lake Community Hall’s Interpretive Centre. We could hire a consultant to make a plan which would allow us to apply for more grant money.
  6. Odds & Ends

    • Camper on Shuswap Falls Road, seems to be living there, Rick Fairbairn is looking into it.

  7. Next meeting August 7 at Doug's.

  8. Adjournment at 8:52