General Meeting 2018-11-20

Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Information KioskMembers were welcome to attend a special meeting of the Club's board of directors, called to discuss the proposal for a Watershed Interpretive Centre at Tolley Park near the Mabel Lake Community Hall. (Membership in the Mabel Lake Community Club & Recreation Commission is defined in our Constitution).

Thanks to a grant from the Monashee Arts Council, a proposal for an Interpretive Centre was developed over the last few months. It was presented Tuesday evening November 6, so was not presented again prior to discussion.

Both the proposal and the presentation are attached.

Our by-laws determine that our meetings be "conducted according to Canadian parliamentary procedure". This means among other things that all discussion must be relevant to a motion and directed at a decision.

In this case, then, the discussion was directed at the motion "that the M.L.C. Club approve in principle a project to construct a Watershed Interpretive Centre as proposed in the presentation given at our Hall on November 6". The phrase "in principle" allows us to agree on general approval while reserving the right to specify details prior to their installation.

— Minutes (unadopted)

Present: Ardis & Andrew Miller, Kelsey & Denise Moffatt, Doug Neill, Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Rick Fairbairn, Rick Anctil, Terri Deuling

Russ moved to approve minutes from October 9th, Ken 2nd


Maintenance Report: Ken

  • Mike Fox is new at RDNO he has been working with Ken on the water. Coliform count is still high in water from hall which suggests coliform is still in the pipes. Mike will get a plumber and strong bleach to clean pipes and get clean water.
  • Andrew had rolling window put in kitchen opening replacing heavy plywood window.

Events: Terri

Talked to Margie Bilodeau about cooking turkey on smoker bar-b-que. She recommended not doing turkey that way because they would be drier and couldn’t make gravy. Terri will cook turkey at hall and Millers will prepare potatoes for the Christmas Potluck. Terri will obtain liquor licence. Kelsey thought we should charge for the alcoholic beverages.


Projector - is on RDNO agenda. The projector Mark offered would not be sufficient. 

Road Sign - we’ll put in a request for money for new sign.

Movable Screen - for privacy and creating smaller spaces. We’ll look into it

Interpretive Centre - Huguette applied for a grant from Monashee Arts Council with approval in principal from MLCC board. She received a $1,500.00 grant and with that money hired Don Elzer to prepare concept drawing. A public meeting was held at the hall on November 6, 2018 to present concept. Approximately 40 people, including people from Vernon, Cherryville and Lumby area attended. 

Andrew has had people expressing concern about location. Rick Fairbairn was asked if RDNO wants MLCC to run centre. Rick has talked to Tannis Nelson; it’s MLCC’s project therefore MLCC will be responsible. Centre has to be endorsed by club and not RDNO. It is thought our Licence to Occupy includes all of Tolley Park.

- Russ moved MLCCRC endorse the Watershed Interpretive Centre, in principal, as it was presented on November 6. Doug 2nd. Show of hands 4 in favour, 3 opposed. Carried.
Kelsey expressed concerns about project attracting more visitors and not being for the community.
Andrew read from a list of concerns from residents some of the concerns are:
resources, are Huguettes resources enough to maintain center into the future? 
what is the community’s obligation? Russ responded saying the community does need educating.
Doug brought forth the view that having more people in the area would be a safety benefit. More ears and eyes.
Kelsey moved that before anything proceeds there is a mail out referendum to community. Denise 2nd.
Doug stated that as a board we have tried many ways to engage community and it’s very hard to get involvement. 
Kelsey withdrew motion.


-First Aid Kit - Ardis will go through first aid kit to upgrade it.

-MLCC Christmas Message in LVT - Russ will do 


-Community Club Area - Ardis wonders what the boundaries of the club are? Russ points out Boundaries are outlined in constitution and can be changed. Terri says that scholarship eligibility is based on boundaries and if they change we should change scholarship wording. 

Meeting adjourned.