Board Meeting 2019-08-06

Tue Aug 6, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Andrew & Ardis'

24 Cartwright Rd

Board Meeting — MINUTES (unadopted) — August 6, 2019

Present: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Andrew Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith
Attending: Ardis Miller
Call to order 7:06
  1. Agenda accepted without changes
  2. Accept Minutes of 2019-06-04: moved by Russ, 2nd Ken

  3. Reports

    1. Maintenance - Ken:
      • Kelsi dissatisfied by lawn mower;
        requests storage shed — hurt back taking mower out of Hall.
        Will continue but requires notice; schedule OK but distance prohibitive; Doug will schedule Cayden.
      • 4 picnic tables broken (abused) by recent rental; Ken repairing or not, as possible
        no others needed thanks to Lions.
      • Front door lock: Ken will email model # (Schlage) & manual
        Doug will copy key (for Andrew & ?)
      • DOE valve needed for before pressure tank; Ken ran tank dry
      • Cameras
        Doug & Ken installed 2 on road side
        Ken installed 2 on corner above ramp, facing road & back yard
        Ken supplied monitor to be mounted behind kitchen door
    2. Finances - Fred
      • $21,346 in account after rental deposit payables
      • Burger 1: $123.33
      • Burger 2: $132.39 & meat left over
    3. Rentals - Doug
      • 2 more rentals this month
      • Hesketh $200
    4. Events - Terri (absent)
      • Potluck dinner - 100-mile

        Andrew will ask Dana & Margit to BBQ a roast
        talent night to include arts & crafts (non-commercial), as well as musical
        Terri to arrange licenses

      • Highway cleanup
        Terri has garbage bags

        Roger Vollmin (Shafer Rd) is contact
        waiting until fall

  4. Old Business

    1. Membership, Societies Act, By-Law changes
      Russ to contact White Valley for their practices
      Fred to check another Community Club
      membership: some directors urged us to continue our current practice such that members are all the residents of Mabel Lake Community (as specified), although this does not follow the new Societies Act
    2. Room dividers arrived: 2:00pm tomorrow (Wed) at Hall for carrying in.
    3. Sound system
      Wentworth will lend the Yamaha 600BT for Potluck; if OK, MLCC will buy: altogether less than $2,000
    4. Storage shed for BBQ & Lawn Mower
      allowing space for sound system etc. in lockers
    5. Wish list:
      • Storage shed $1500 - $5000
      • Lawn Mower $400 - $800
      • Concrete or pavers pad at foot of front deck stairs (for picnic tables)
      • Painting wainscotting
  5. Next Meeting Sept 17, Fred Smith’s, 1177 Mabel Lake Rd (north of Rawlings Lk Rd).
  6. Adjournment 8:33