Board Meeting 2020-10-23

Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Mabel Lake Hall

111 Shuswap Falls Rd

Board Meeting — MINUTES — Oct 23, 2020

Chair: Andrew Miller, Secretary: Russ Collins (Terri Deuling absent)

In attendance: Ken Caldwell, Russ Collins, Ardis Miller, Doug Neill, Fred Smith. 

Meeting immediately followed the AGM

Russ moved to adopt minutes of September 17, 2019 as read, Doug 2nd Carried.

Maintenance Report - Ken

  • The Lions Club has donated 6 picnic tables of which 4 were worth repairing: 3 are now finished with one in good condition awaiting minor repairs. No decision was reached as to where they should be stored over winter for protection from the weather.
  • The furnace wasn't working during the meeting, so Ken will call a technician. (Russ & Doug provided electric heaters for the 24th elections.)
  • Gravel was ordered for the parking lot, and levelled.
  • The container was delivered, and mounted on concrete blocks by Ken and Andrew.
  • A new lawnmower and barbecue were purchased, funded subsquently by RDNO.

  • Water system will undergo an independent review within the next few days.

Financial Report - Fred
Rentals Report – Doug
  • All rentals have been cancelled or rescheduled due to Interior Health and the RDNO enforcing the covid lockdown.
Events Report - Terri
  • N/A Terri absent & Hall closure due to the covid lockdown.
Election of Officers
Andrew will continue as Chair
Fred will continue as Treasurer
Doug will continue fielding Rentals
Terri will (presumably) continue as Recording Secretary and spearheading Social activities

Old Business

See Chairperson's Report from AGM preceding this meeting.

New Business
  • 2020 Wishlist
    • Commercial Kitchen
  • Rental Agreement

Adjournment 8:23pm