Board Meeting 2019-05-07

Tue May 7, 2019 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doug & Kate's

1684 Mabel Lake Rd

Board Meeting — MINUTES — May 7, 2019

Call to order 7:00pm

  1. Agenda - additions and approval
  2. Minutes of April 2 Meeting – adopted as read, Russ moved, Ken 2nd
  3. Election of Officers
    • Chairperson - Andrew Miller
    • Treasurer - Fred Smith
    • Secretary - Terri Deuling
    • Hall Rental Coordinator - Doug Neill
    • Maintenance - Ken Caldwell
    • Other Officers - Russ Collins, Joe Deuling, Mark Maksymiuk
  4. Committees
    • Rental
    • Maintenance
    • Social
  5. Reports
    • Maintenance Report - Ken
      • Outhouse was put in place by the gazebo at the spring clean-up. Ken has spent time repairing the throne and sealing floor around the throne. Walls were squared and Russ, Fred & Ken stained the building.
      • LED motion sensor light put up.
      • Andrew spread top soil on the low spots of the lawn and sprinkled some grass seed. We’ll need to set up sprinklers; Russ has some timers we could use.
        Invoices for sign must be sent to RDNO so we can get reimbursed for the sign.
      • Ken has installed “dummy” security camera and signs to deter vandalism.
    • Financial Report - Russ
      • Fred assumes position for next meeting
      • Some outstanding bills to pay but ± $19,000.00 in account.
    • Rentals Report – Doug
      • Rentals going well; no rentals until June; haven’t heard from cadets yet.
    • Events Report - Terri
      • Burger night June 21. Terri will get liquor license and make burgers the day before.
      • Highway clean up some time in June
  6. Old Business
    • Projector and screen have been purchased. Screen is 9’ long. Use of projector and screen can be included in hall rental for a small fee.
    • Well water test results: still no news so boil water advisory still in effect.
    • Picnic Table Repainting: Ken will try sanding some down and re-staining.
    • Bylaw Changes: Burger night #1 to have a vote on changing by-laws (we need 12 club members present to vote).
    • Summer park maintenance: Mowers from last year have moved. Russ will advertise on Round the Block Lumby for a new lawn maintenance person.
  7. New Business
    • Bat House project: Huguette will organize bat house building workshop. Club will provide kits with pieces cut and ready to assemble. Fred and Doug will look into plans for bat houses.
  8. Odds & Ends
  9. Next Meeting June 4, 7pm at Ken's
    Meeting adjourned at 8pm