The View from my Deck - June 2019

I was sitting on my deck the other day, thinking it was great that Spring was finally here after what seemed like such a long winter. I pulled my bike out of the basement on March 1st, and rode into work for the first time this year. There was not much snow on the shoulders of the road, but it sure was cold. As the weeks have cycled past, the snow has retreated and finally disappeared, and you can see the garbage appear. Yikes... fast food containers, beer cans, liquor bottles, cigarettes and their packaging. As the grass grows, the garbage disappears, but it is still there.

I believe the Mabel Lake Community Club is trying to become an Adopt-A-Road volunteer organization. If this happens then the MLCC will become responsible for keeping the road ditches clean and tidy. MLCC supplies the labour and hopefully some government agency gives us the garbage bags, picks up the garbage bags and takes them to the dump. I am not certain where we are with this, but if it is happening, we should all try to clean up some of the mess, that in most cases, someone else has left here.