The View from my Deck - Dec. 2016

I walked onto my porch the other day and saw my kayaks waiting for me to go for a ride, but then had a thought.

Bear with me.

I love the Shuswap River and spend as much time as I can either swimming when the water is warm enough, kayaking at times right through the year, or, just sitting on the rocks below the falls contemplating life. I like to explore the back waters and side channels and I know how lucky I am to be able to do these things on a relatively little used river system. I think the Shuswap River is a sacred place.

Now for that thought ...

What if we could all come together and work to make the upper and middle Shuswap River, right from its birth place above Greenbush Lake to and including Mabel Lake, a power boat free system? I know it is controversial and people feel they have the right to motor around on our drinking, agricultural or industrial sources of water, but I think that if we could get all of the power boats off the river and lakes that it would be a great investment in our tourist infrastructure and would fit in with the regional district's plans of making it easier for farm property owners to diversify their sources of income. We could be known around the world for being the largest river system with no power boats allowed. What are we known for now? Around the world, or anywhere else for that matter?

I know some people have been boating on these lakes and river for generations and they do not want to stop. But anything really worth having is worth a little dislocation and change. I am not calling for an end to river use, just a change that will benefit the river, the land that the river runs through and the people who call that place home.