The View from my Deck - Oct. 2016

I was sitting on my deck the other morning enjoying the view and the silence of the morning and it put me in mind of how lucky we all are to live in this valley. I live out here in the middle of nowhere because I like the silence and peacefulness of being alone, but not all of the time. That is one of the reasons why I try to help out with the Mabel Lake Community Club, because it gives me a chance to contribute to creating the kind of community I want to live in.

I went to the annual general meeting in March and there seemed to be more problems than people who were willing to deal with those problems. Despite the mountain of problems a group of individuals, some old directors and some new, have been able to breathe some new life into the MLCC. I believe MLCC has put on 3 burger nights, a pot luck dinner with talent show and the fall fair since March, and all of these events have been well attended and successful. In addition, the hall was rented numerous times this summer for short and long durations. There are still problems, like the ongoing water issue, but we're coming together as a community in some pretty interesting ways and if we can keep it up the mountain of problems will eventually fade into the past.

So come on out to the events that you see advertised in the Stump Rancher and help build the kind of community you want to live in.