The View from my Deck - Jun. 2016

I was sitting on my deck the other evening, Park Mountain was completely socked in, and I wondered to myself why I should be worried about forest fires and being chased out of my home by the government. So I decided I did not need to worry about it but maybe I should try and do something about it. If you recall last time I told you I had written to the minister of emergency preparedness, well I have still not heard back from them so I had an idea …

We should start the Mabel Lake Emergency Response Crew, the MLERC if you are into acronyms. I thought we should try to get as many community members as we could to complete their forest fire basic training, if there was enough interest we could even try to get the course held in the community hall. We should see if some community members could get their power saw certificates and possibly first aid certificates. Finally we should see if community members are interested in avalanche training, safety and rescue.

If there is enough interest we could lobby the federal, provincial, regional and even the local governance body the Mabel Lake Community Club to provide some kind of funding for training and equipment. If we were successful at our attempt to set up the MLERC we could even start to help other communities start their own groups, putting on workshops at the community hall. This is not quite all pie in the sky as other communities are already considering doing the same thing and at least the lower levels of government are receptive to at least consider the idea.

Some people, after reading my last view, commented that they did not have a problem with the police entering their property without a warrant because they have nothing to hide. Well, of course that is not the point, at least as far as I am concerned. The point is it is my property and no one is in the least interested in helping me develop and maintain my property, no one is going to help me protect it and I just do not want the police or any other government official poking around where they normally have no business. And, by the way, in my experience it is often those people who say let the police on because I have nothing to hide that happen to have forgotten to lock their gun up the last time they went shooting and the police discover that gun and oops, the law abiding citizen now know why you should be more cautious about letting government on your property without a warrant.

If you are interested in forming the MLERC, or something similar why not come out to the next Burger Night and we can have a discussion and maybe take it a little further. Alternatively, email or call the Stump Rancher with your ideas. In the meantime I will connect with the Regional District and get some feedback from them.

Speaking of Burger Night, the first one was great and we are all hopeful that the event can become a regular monthly event. At the first one we brought down our PA system and played some tunes. We are going to make sure we bring it to the next one so if you feel like it, come prepared to join in the Jam.