The View from my Deck - Mar. 2017

I was sitting on my deck the other day enjoying some late winter sunshine which put me in mind of tuning the bike up and riding to work.
Riding my bike to work and home again keeps me in great shape and gives me time to think about problems I am struggling with. It also allows me to get a different perspective of the landscape I travel through. I do not just see but I hear, smell and feel the uphill and downhill of my travels. Often I see otters, beavers and all kinds of water birds in the backwater and main channel of Shuswap River along with deer, bear, lynx and moose in the pastures and fields.

 Concentrating on the sights and sounds can sometimes be distracting which can lead to disaster right away when you are commuting on a bicycle. I try to bike in 3 times a week when it is safe and to do that I have to try to remain safe. I need to be seen so I have flashing lights and hi-viz clothing. I wear my helmet and have rain gear. I know the rules and I try to follow them. But if the other traffic on the road is not careful, then all of my precautions may not help me much. My experience over the years of riding on Mable Lake Road is that most motorists are safe and courteous and a small few are not. 

I need to follow the rules to remain safe just like everyone else, my experience is that more and more people are riding bicycles on our roadways, I am hopeful all of the users of our roads will learn how to exercise patience as well as caution and give each other the room we need to remain safe.