The View from my Deck - May 2016

When I was sitting on my deck the other evening watching the clouds form and drift away over Park Mountain it put me in mind of the upcoming fire season. I do not like to think about what would happen if a forest fire threatened my property, but I think I would like to have the ability to try to protect my own property. Well the government is considering ways to stop me and everyone else from protecting our property in the event of forest fires or other catastrophic events.

Right now if the government issues an evacuation order, you do not have to follow it. The authorities can stop you from entering an evacuation area but they cannot force you to leave it, if you live there. The government is considering changing that so if an evacuation order is made, property owners who refuse to obey the order can be arrested and removed from their property. The government is considering allowing authorities into homes, barns, shops and other buildings on private property without a warrant for the purpose of enforcing the evacuation order. Finally, the government is considering allowing the authorities the ability to charge the property owners for their forced removal.

Wow, when I first read about this I decided to send a letter to the minister of emergency preparedness, or whatever they are called, explaining why I thought that it was not a good idea to give the government the power to arrest people on their own land. I think we should be able to protect our own property and I think in a lot of cases we could probably do a better job than some outsider coming in and telling us what is best. I never heard back from the minister yet but our MLA Mr. Foster did talk to me about it and said the ministry may get in touch with me regarding it.”

If you feel strongly about this you should contact your MLA to let him know how you feel about it.